Course Description

This course is designed to develop intelligence quotient (IQ), Mathematical Aptitude, Scientific Temperament, Logical Thinking. Reasoning Skills & Problem solving skills of the students and prepare them from future competitive examinations while they are studying in the school to take early lead in competitive scenario.

Who can apply: For VII to VIII moving students
Duration: 1 Year


For VII Pass Students
PHASE MEDIUM Course Commencement Date
Phase-1 English 04/04/2018
Phase-2 English 02/05/2018

Fee Structure

FEE STRUCTURE (Session 2018-19)
(Month-wise Fee Benefit Under Early Registration Scheme)
Target Examination Class Course Name Course Type Medium Month of Registration
Dec’17 Jan’18 Feb’18 1st Mar’ 18
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VIII P-Zenith Premium ENGLISH 37,000 39,000 41,000 42,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VIII R-Zenith Regular ENGLISH 27,000 29,000 32,000 33,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VIII D-Zenith Day Boarding ENGLISH 51,000 53,000 55,000 58,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VIII Drona-VIII Regular ENGLISH 2,00,000 2,00,000 2,15,000 2,30,000


Category Description Scholarship
MOST % in Motion Open Scholarship Test Upto 90%
Academic Performance Last Year academic Performance in test Upto 90%
Old Motion Student Real Brother/Sister of Old Motionite 20%
Sibling Any one or More Siblings (Brother & Sister) studying in Motion 20%
HBCSE Olympiads Stage-1 Qualified 30%
Stage-2 Qualified 50%
Stage-3 Qualified 75%
SOF Olympiads 1 to 100 (International Rank) 25%
101 to 200 (International Rank) 20%
201 to 500 (International Rank) 15%
School Grade A1 Grade (SC+Maths) in CBSE or 80% Above in other Board 25%
A2 Grade (SC+Maths) in CBSE or 70% to 80% in other Board 15%