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Our Most Useful Android Apps For You


 motionkidsiconlauncher.png ALL ABOUT EXAMS  

All About Exams provides complete information about various board exams, entrance exams, exams dates, important notices, various exams’s solved papers, video solutions and jee rank predictor.It also provides complete information regarding the admission procedure in all colleges across India.
All these features are available for all students whether a motionite or a non motionite by simply downloading this app All About Exams.
All about Exams provides complete overview of student attendance, motion classroom program planners, its class notices and its performance report for motionites.





 ic_launcher.png MOTION KBE  

Motion provides a facility to students for grow their knowledge with fun. However we are providing best coaching for JEE Advanced ,JEE Main, Pre-Medical, Olympiads and other related competitive exams across most parts of India, but it is necessary that student can inhance their knowledge with learn with fun.
Kaun banega Einstein is a wonderfull plateform in which student can get knowledge with fun.





 download.png CATALYST  

Catalyst: No need to stand in line for exam results, time table and other notifications because Motion brings one clicks application “Catalyst” to get all information on your android device. Now students can also watch JEE Main and JEE Advanced lectures on their device and that too without internet connectivity.

We believe that JEE coaching students should utilize time most effectively rather than standing in queue. Student also get regular quiz which is highly beneficial for quick revision and retaining concepts more effectively.





 motionkidsiconlauncher.png MOTION KIDS  

Motion Kids app is an innovative tool for the parents which allows them to track performance of their tiny tots. An exhaustive performance report is generated within this app which gives a crystal clear picture of a children’s performance in the school.

Motion Kids App is also useful in checking the complete Academic Planner that is learning schedule of your child. You can also view information about any future activity in the Notice section and view pictures of children’s activity in school via app gallery.


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