Along with regular classroom Study Programme, Motion provides an association with Schools, named – School Integarted Programme (SIP)
The Classroom Integrated Program is an unique, exhaustive, scientifically designed. It is designed specifically to cater to high achieving, ambitious students who wants to come up with flying colours in competitive examinations like JEE, NEET, KVPY, IJSO, Olympiad etc.
Features :

  • Classes will be taken by Motion faculty members.
  • The students will be prepared for School & Board Exams by the same faculty.
  • It reduces the mental stress of students by preparing them for all exams during school hrs only.
  • Students do not need to travel separately for school and coaching
  • Lays solid foundation, Develops quick analytical thinking & systematic problem solving skills.

At Motion, we believe to be always in sync with the time, that is why the teaching methodology & process we follow are the best among all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the advantage of SIP program?
– Due to the lack of synergy between school studies and coaching, the student comes under mental pressure, as both at school & coaching different topic is being taught. Also both have different priorities. For School, priority is to score good result in School & Board & for a coaching institute, priority is to perform well in target competitive examinations i.e. JEE, NEET Olympiads etc.
Thus SIP programme plays a role of bridge and students perform well in both School & Competitive examinations

Q. How will be beneficial for students?
Students will get the following benefits
1. Yearlong Planner
2. Students’ Performance Report
3. Subjectwise Sheets
4. Final Revision Modules (FRM)
5. Conceptual Problem Sheet (CPS)
6. All India Ranking in Each Test
7. Parents’ & Teachers Meeting

Q. How would a school be assisted?
Ans.: All the Academic staff shall be moved from Kota H.O.
Also we have well experienced non-academic support team to assist school with any of their problems they have. Our Business Development Manager will visit your to provide product updates and any assistance you may need. Help is only a phone call away.

For Further Discussion, Contact:

Mr. Shiv Prakash Vijay
Phone No: +91-9024011514

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