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Aim of the Maths Olympiad Program

To discover the potential talent and encourage them to lead a successful life ahead. This initiative is to empower young minds and help them to analyze their logical thinking, critical problem-solving skills, and general mathematical ability according to the National level.


Maths Olympiad Program mainly covers

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Number theory
  • Graph theory &combinatorics

Algebra :

Polynomials, Relations between Roots and Coefficients, Solving equations, Inequalities, and Complex numbers.

Geometry :

The geometry of Triangles and Circles. (Trigonometric methods, vector methods, complex number methods, transformation geometry methods can also be used to solve problems)

Number theory :

Divisibility, Congruence relations and Theorems thereof, Diophantine equations, Prime numbers, and Elementary results on Prime numbers.

Graph theory &combinatorics :

Counting techniques, Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion, Pigeon-hole principle, Basic Graph Theory.



Students From
Class 5th to 10th


  •   Live Doubt
  •   Live Recorded Quality Videos
  •   Tests Every 3 weeks


Batch 1
  •   PRMO    - 20 Jan 2021
  •   NMTC P - 03 Feb 2021
  •   NMTC S - 03 Feb 2021

Features of Maths Olympiad Program (MOP)

  • High-quality Recorded Video Lectures

  • Created by Highly Experienced Faculties

  • Innovative Teaching Methods helps in conceptualizing complex-concepts

  • Efficient problem-solving methods by Experts

  • In-depth approach towards class-wise syllabus

  • Crystal-clear understanding of concepts

  • Concise theory with proofs and detailed explanation

  • Regular mock tests and quizzes to analyze student’s progress level