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CBSE Class 12th Board Exam 2022 Term 2: Free Sample & Guess Paper with Video Solutions & Last Minute Tips

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CBSE Class 12th Board Exam 2022 Term 2 Free Guess Papers With Video Solutions & Last Minute Tips

Solving free CBSE Guess Paper 2022 Class 12th is the best method to prepare, evaluate your performance and analyse your shortcomings. Using these guess papers for Board exams, students can easily understand the exam pattern as the paper pattern is kept exactly the same. Apart from solving Guess Papers, there are a few more tips that can convert the last-minute preparation into a good grade.

Subjects-wise Guess Papers

CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2022 of all the subjects is already released. However, it will always be less with respect to practice as every time (race against time phrase meaning) there is scope for improvement. Hence, students should also try Motion Education, Kota Guess Papers, for which they will be provided with video solutions as well. These guess papers are based on the exam pattern, consisting of important questions from subjects:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics

Last Minute Preparation for CBSE Class 12th Board Term 2 Exam

Since class 12th Board exam term 2 has already started, but for science maths students, the first exam will be held on 07 May. So, they require a good strategy for the last day’s revision.

  • CBSE Class 12th Guess Papers 2022

Choosing the updated and latest guess papers will help you understand the paper pattern. CBSE Class 12th Model Paper 2022, sample papers, and mock test papers can also become beneficial for students as subjects like maths and physics will require endless practicing.

  • Previous years’ papers

All the students appearing in the class 12th Board exam must take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) a glance at previous years’ question papers. This will help them to discover important topics and questions that examiners may ask again.

  • Don’t skip high weightage topics

There is a probability that some students might have skipped a few topics from the syllabus. However, this is a risky step as one never knows which topic the paper setter may use to frame questions. But analyzing important topics through previous years’ papers or CBSE class 12th guess papers 2022 can help you cover high weightage topics.

  • Follow a proper routine

Proper sleep, adequate time for learning, relaxing time and hygienic food are things that should never be compromised. Physical and mental health is equally important during preparing for the class 12th board exam. Hence, never let any factor impact your performance by taking good care and following a proper routine.

  • Learn time management

Time plays a crucial role; students only have 2 hours to complete their question papers. Moreover, writing effective answers make students more anxious. CBSE 12th guess questions answer paper 2022 will give students exam-time experience. Hence, these guess papers are the best method to work on time management.




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