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What is dummy school and How is it Different from a Regular School? Is dummy school better for JEE/NEET?

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What is dummy school and How is it Different from a Regular School?

NEET and JEE are considered the most prestigious and difficult examinations in India. Hence, clearing NEET and JEE cut-off is not as simple as one think. Aspirants need to focus on various factors which can impact their selection. From buying study material to choosing the best coaching institute, or teacher, there are numerous factors that a student’s guardian looks into. Opting for school is one such factor where students have to decide between a dummy school and a regular school. Which one do you think will be beneficial during XI and XII for the competitive exam preparation? Before having your perception, it is essential to know what a dummy school is, its benefits and drawbacks. In the below information, you will come across this.

What is a Dummy School?

Dummy schools are schools where it is not mandatory for students to attend school regularly. In this, coaching centres have tie-ups with regular schools to reduce the school workload on students; thus, allowing them more time (race against time phrase meaning) to focus on their entrance exam preparation. This concept of taking admissions in dummy schools is most popular for the 2 major entrance exams in India for science students, i.e., JEE and NEET.

What is the difference between the dummy school and regular school?

The difference between Dummy schooling and open school or regular school is given in the below table:

Dummy School Regular School
Also known as Non-Attending School, where a student is not pressurized to maintain attendance. Also known as Open School, where students have to attend classes regularly.
1-2 hours of classes focusing on school and board exams. Students stay at school for 7 hours where the educator focuses on academic studies and extra-curricular activities.
Students get optimum time for NEET/JEE exam preparation. Don’t get much time after school for NEET and JEE preparations.
Attendance is not a must as dummy schools have tie-ups with coaching institutes in Kota. To appear in final exams like boards, many schools made it compulsory to have atleast 75% attendance.
Kota, Chandigarh, Patna, Kanpur, and Visakhapatnam have the best dummy schools. Regular schools are found everywhere.

Should NEET/JEE Aspirants Opt for Dummy School or Continue Attending Regular School?

Deciding without knowing the pros and cons of dummy and regular schools can impact your studies and exam preparations. You must not take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) any decision in hassle rather know all aspects of dummy schools then decide which is better for you. Mostly, students of classes XI and XII require dummy admission so they can invest proper time in NEET or JEE preparations. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of seeking admission to a dummy school read and then make a decision.

Advantages of opting for dummy school

  • Students get self-study time after taking coaching classes
  • Keeps away from any sort of distraction that can impact your NEET/JEE preparations.
  • A big-time saver option for NEET and JEE aspirants.
  • As students don’t have to attend school, they get enough time to pay attention to competitive exam preparation.

Disadvantages of opting for dummy school

  • Students’ social life is hampered.
  • The productivity of students decreases as they only concentrate on exams and don’t spend time on other activities.


Q1. What is meant by dummy school?

Ans. Schools provide relaxation to students so they can focus on competitive exams like NEET, JEE, etc. These schools have tie-ups with the leading coaching institutes, so they don’t have to worry about attendance.

Q2. Which is better dummy school or regular school?

Ans. It is beneficial for students to get enrolled in dummy school instead of the regular school who are preparing for NEET or JEE.

Q3. What is the difference between an open school and a dummy school?

Ans. The open school or commonly called a regular school does not facilitate any relaxation for students. Students spend 7 hours where they not only focus on academics but also develop extra-curricular skills. On the other hand, dummy schools offer relaxation to students preparing for exams like NEET or JEE. Students only focus on these entrance exams and school exams and spend 1-2 hours maximum in the school.

Q4. Should we take dummy school in 11th?

Ans. It is best if students take admissions into dummy schools. This will help them to manage properly the pressure of exams in the future and also enhance their learning skills.

Q5. Which is the best dummy school in Kota?

Ans. Any School doesn’t matter because you don’t attend the school and they only call you for performing practicals. And they give you full marks in practicals too, you don’t have to worry about attendance, so joining any dummy school doesn’t matter.

Q6. Which is the cheapest dummy school in Kota?

Ans. If you are looking for the cheapest Dummy school in Kota, you need to go first to get admission into the Best Coaching Institute in Kota for you, which can find out the best thing about yourself instead of money. So I believe you can go for the Motion Education Kota.

Q6. What is the minimum fee of dummy schools in Kota for class 11?

Ans. Fee for dummy school in Kota

~17000 to 19000 (Approx) in Rajasthan board and

~34000 to 42000 (Approx) in CBSE school.



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