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Early Lead Division

What can be a better step than a Well-Planned Early Start!

MOTION’s Early Lead Division prepares students for various competitive examinations and Olympiads for classes 5th to 10th. We focus on Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Mathematical Aptitude, Scientific Temperament, Logical Thinking, Reasoning Skills & Problem Solving Skills through Classroom Programs and Workshops.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that students of Class 5th to 10th achieve success in their school exams, boards, IJSO, NTSE, NMTC, IESO & several National / International Olympiads such as NSEP/NSEB/NSEC/NSEA, IMO, NSTSE, etc.

Early Lead Division has been specially designed to build a strong foundation & consistency through comprehensive training which will help them emerge successful in school academics as well as competitive exams. Our Mentorship Program provides right guidance at the right time to uplift student’s horizons to a new level.

We work towards recognizing the complete potential of our students. Our experienced faculty team, regular test series, homework checking, doubt sessions, attendance and result tracking ensures overall academic development of our students. We also focus on language proficiency by using bilingual method to develop language skills and transnational-cum-grammar method to inculcate grammatical skills.

Along with academics, we also support in developing skills through workshops, seminars, debates and conferences. We provide moral education & motivational classes regularly to ensure that students have an overall development of academics and morale. We make sure that every student realizes his/her potential and nurture it through knowledge.

‘Nurturing Potential through Education’

Benefits of Starting Early

  • Max utilization of time available.
  • Easy Adaptation to the Quantum Jump from easy to difficult level of academics as the student gets more time of subject concepts.
  • Competence of the batch starting early would be very high as the brightness of the lot will join at this stage as comparable to the competition among the late joinees.
  • Better learning & more probability of academic success through experience gained over years.

Admission Calender

For IV – IX Pass Students
PHASE MEDIUM Course Commencement Date
Phase-1 English 01/04/2020
Phase-2 English 06/05/2020
Phase-3 English 03/06/2020
Phase-4 English 01/07/2020

Fee Structure

FEE STRUCTURE (Session 2018-19)
(Month-wise Fee Benefit Under Early Registration Scheme)
Program Name Target Examination Class Course Name Course Type Medium Month of Registration
Feb’18 1st Mar’ 18
Pinnacle Program NCERT, NTSE & OLYMPIADS X P-Pinnacle Premium ENGLISH 48,000 50,000
NCERT, NTSE & OLYMPIADS X R-Pinnacle Regular ENGLISH 40,000 42,000
NCERT, NTSE & OLYMPIADS X D-Pinnacle Day Boarding ENGLISH 75,000 78,000
NCERT, NTSE & OLYMPIADS X Drona-X Regular ENGLISH 2,35,000 2,50,000
Apex Program NCERT, IJSO & OLYMPIADS IX P-Apex Premium ENGLISH 43,000 46,000
NCERT, IJSO & OLYMPIADS IX R-Apex Regular ENGLISH 37,000 39,000
NCERT, IJSO & OLYMPIADS IX D-Apex Day Boarding ENGLISH 65,000 68,000
NCERT, IJSO & OLYMPIADS IX Drona-IX Regular ENGLISH 2,25,000 2,40,000
Zenith Program NCERT & OLYMPIADS VIII P-Zenith Premium ENGLISH 41,000 42,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VIII R-Zenith Regular ENGLISH 32,000 33,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VIII D-Zenith Day Boarding ENGLISH 55,000 58,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VIII Drona-VIII Regular ENGLISH 2,15,000 2,30,000
Vertex Program NCERT & OLYMPIADS VII P-Vertex Premium ENGLISH 33,000 35,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VII R-Vertex Regular ENGLISH 27,000 28,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VII D-Vertex Day Boarding ENGLISH 50,000 53,000
Apical Program NCERT & OLYMPIADS VI P-Apical Premium ENGLISH 26,000 27,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VI R-Apical Regular ENGLISH 22,000 23,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS VI D-Apical Day Boarding ENGLISH 45,000 48,000
Edge Program NCERT & OLYMPIADS V P-Edge Premium ENGLISH 24,000 25,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS V R-Edge Regular ENGLISH 20,000 21,000
NCERT & OLYMPIADS V D-Edge Day Boarding ENGLISH 45,000 48,000
Triumph / Victory (Three / Four Year Classroom Program)
Triumph-JEE JEE (Main + Advanced) X + XI + XII Three Year Classroom Regular ENGLISH 2,65,000 2,80,000
Victory-JEE JEE (Main + Advanced) IX + X + XI + XII Four Year Classroom Regular ENGLISH 3,05,000 3,20,000


Category Description Scholarship
MOST % in Motion Open Scholarship Test Upto 90%
Academic Performance Last Year academic Performance in test Upto 90%
Old Motion Student Real Brother/Sister of Old Motionite 20%
Sibling Any one or More Siblings (Brother & Sister) studying in Motion 20%
HBCSE Olympiads Stage-1 Qualified 30%
Stage-2 Qualified 50%
Stage-3 Qualified 75%
SOF Olympiads 1 to 100 (International Rank) 25%
101 to 200 (International Rank) 20%
201 to 500 (International Rank) 15%
School Grade A1 Grade (SC+Maths) in CBSE or 80% Above in other Board 25%
A2 Grade (SC+Maths) in CBSE or 70% to 80% in other Board 15%