The Biology faculty in MOTION is the main reason of the top results in NEET. The faculty provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential so that he is able to focus on the vast syllabus, prepare accordingly and perform well in competitive exams.

Kota Center


Renu Singh

RNS Ma'am Experience: 17 years

Dr. Shobhit Patel

S.P. Sir Experience : 11 Years
harshit thakuria

Harshit Thakuria

H.T Sir Experience: 10 years

Urvashi Thakur

U.T MA’AM Experience: 3 years

Outside Kota Center

Pankaj Shukla

Pankaj Shukla

P.S Sir
Experience: 8.5 years
Delhi Center
sipun jena

Sipun Jena

Sipun Sir
Experience: 7 years
Buldhana Center

Manoj Kumar Verma

M.K.V Sir
Experience: 7 years
Dholpur Center

Vivek Rai

Vivek Sir
Experience: 6 years
Howrah Center
ram harsora

Ram Harsora

R.H Sir
Experience: 5 years
Mehsana / Patan Center