MOTION is equipped with worldclass Physics faculty. The in-depth subject knowledge and superb teaching techniques have helped several IIT and NEET aspirants achieve their goals.

Kota Center


Nitin Vijay

Nitin Vijay

N.V Sir
Experience: 17 Years

Amit Verma

Amit Verma

A.V Sir
Experience: 13 Years

Amit Kumar Rathore

Amit Rathore

A.R Sir
Experience: 11 Years

Krantideep SIngh

Krantideep Singh

K.D Sir
Experience: 20 Years

Durgesh Pandey

Durgesh Kumar Pandey

D.K.P. Sir
Experience: 7 Years

Pavan Vijay

Pawan Vijay

P.V. Sir
Experience: 7 Years


Nandini Singh Sisodia

NSS Ma’am
Experience: 1.9 Year
A.K.P Sir-profile-image

Avinash Kishore Pandey

Experience: 4years

Outside Kota Center


Ajay Singh

Ajay Singh Rathore

AJ Sir
Experience: 5.5 years
Nashik Center


Chhotu Kumar Singh

Qualification: B.E
Experience: 4.5 Years
Buldhana Center

Saquib Hayat

Saquib Hayat

S.H Sir
Experience: 4 years
muzzafarpur Center

Chetan Saini

Chetan Saini

C.S Sir
Experience: 3.5 years
Patan / Mehsana Center

Vivek Krishnan

Vivek Krishnan

V.K Sir
Experience: 3 years
kolkata Center