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About NCST

Choosing the right career path is certainly challenging and demanding. However, all it needs is sheer fortitude and open mind. It is wise to do a SWOT analysis of yourself, which means analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A careful analysis of your strong and weak points will drive you in the right direction of growth and success in your career.

Nishkarsh Career Selection Test will help the students in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, to identify the right career path at an early stage and helping them in choosing the right career after Class 10th. The goal of NCST is to create a clear thinking in the student’s mind and making them realize in which subject lies their strength, based on which they can choose their desired career, i.e. JEE/NEET/Arts/Commerce.

A Four-step Procedure for Selecting the Best Career

  • STEP 1: Self-Assessment

    To find the best career fit, you must first assess yourself, your interests, your strengths and your weaknesses. Be aware that assessments cannot define you or tell you what you should do; instead, they suggest areas for further exploration and give you a place to begin your research.

  • STEP 2: Analyzing Strengths

    You must identify your strengths, like the subjects you are good in or the subject you have the most interest in.

  • STEP 3: Analyzing Weaknesses

    You must identify your weaknesses, like the subjects you like the least or the subjects you find difficult.

  • STEP 4: Work towards your Goal

    After analyzing your strengths & weaknesses and choosing the career based on that, you must work towards accomplishing the goal.

Exam Details

  • Exam Mode

    The exam will be conducted in both Offline & Online Mode

  • Paper Pattern

    The exam will contain Objective type questions.

  • Registration Fees

    Register for the exam by paying only ₹ 99/- ₹ 0/-

  • Exam Timing

    8AM – 8 PM (Student can give exam anytime between given time) Duration: 90 minutes

  • No. Of Questions

    The exam will contain total 60 questions.

  • Subjects Covered

    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, General Aptitude & Awareness

  • Eligibility

    Class- 10th to 11th Moving Students

How to Register?

Motion’s achievers in JEE/NEET/Boards/Olympiad