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SN. Job Name Division Subject Position View
1 Foundation Science FOUNDATION Science Faculty
2 SR Faculty/Faculty JEE Physics JEE Physics Faculty
3 SR Faculty/Faculty JEE Maths JEE Maths Faculty
4 SR Faculty/Faculty JEE Chemistry JEE Chemistry Faculty
5 SR Faculty/Faculty JEE Chemistry- Organic JEE Organic Chemistry Assistant
6 SR Faculty/Faculty JEE Chemistry-Physical JEE Physical Chemistry Faculty
7 SR Faculty/Faculty JEE Chemistry- InOrganic JEE Inorganic Chemistry Faculty
8 SR Faculty/Faculty NEET Chemistry- Organic NEET Organic Chemistry Faculty
9 SR Faculty/Faculty NEET Zoology NEET Zoology Faculty
10 SR Faculty/Faculty NEET Botany NEET Botany Faculty
11 SR Faculty/Faculty NEET Chemistry NEET Chemistry Faculty
12 SR Faculty/Faculty NEET Chemistry- InOrganic NEET Inorganic Chemistry Faculty
13 SR Faculty/Faculty NEET Chemistry-Physical NEET Physical Chemistry Faculty
14 SR Faculty/Faculty NEET Biology NEET Biology Faculty
15 SR Faculty/Faculty NEET Physics NEET Physics Faculty
16 Assistant Faculty/FTP NEET Biology NEET Biology Assistant
17 Assistant Faculty/FTP NEET Chemistry NEET Chemistry Assistant
18 Assistant Faculty/FTP NEET Physics NEET Physics Assistant
19 Assistant Faculty/FTP JEE Chemistry JEE Chemistry Assistant
20 Assistant Faculty/FTP JEE Maths JEE Maths Assistant
21 Assistant Faculty/FTP JEE Physics JEE Physics Assistant
22 Foundation Computer FOUNDATION Computer Science SR
23 Foundation English FOUNDATION English SR
24 Foundation Hindi FOUNDATION Hindi SR
25 Foundation Social Science FOUNDATION Social Science SR
26 Foundation Mental Ability FOUNDATION Mental Ability SR
27 Foundation Biology FOUNDATION Biology SR
28 Foundation Maths FOUNDATION Maths SR
29 Foundation Chemistry FOUNDATION Chemistry SR
30 Foundation Physics FOUNDATION Physics SR