Course Description

The Zenith program has an Interactive Curriculum designed in participatory modules: that leaves the child to discover the ways and means: to learn; to appreciate; to reason; to experience; to enjoy & to validate. The program aims at nurturing the child’s natural love of learning, help instill creativity, curiosity, and fundamental skills in young children by creating an atmosphere where every learning moment is joyful, effective, and meaningful. The students enrolled in this program are guided for excellent performance in their school exams as well as in competitive exams like NSEJS, Aryabhatta, NSO, IMO, NSTSE, IMMO, IOS, NMTC  etc.

Who can apply: For VII to VIII moving students
Duration: 1 Year


For VII Pass Students
PHASE MEDIUM Course Commencement Date
Phase-1 English 01/04/2020
Phase-2 English 06/05/2020
Phase-3 English 03/06/2020
Phase-4 English 01/07/2020

Fee Structure

FEE STRUCTURE (Session 2020-21)
Target Examination Class Course Name Course Type Medium Jan’ 21
Online Smart Learning Program
Target Examination Class Course Name Course Type Medium Jan’ 21
Online Basic Online* Pro
Maths Olympiad Program
Target Examination Class Course Name Course Type Medium Jan’ 21
Online Basic Online Plus**
NMTC Sub Junior Class VII and VIII NMTC S Online ENGLISH 6000 9000


Category Description Scholarship
MOST % in Motion Open Scholarship Test Upto 90%
Academic Performance Last Year academic Performance in test Upto 90%
Old Motion Student Real Brother/Sister of Old Motionite 20%
Sibling Any one or More Siblings (Brother & Sister) studying in Motion 20%
HBCSE Olympiads Stage-1 Qualified 30%
Stage-2 Qualified 50%
Stage-3 Qualified 75%
SOF Olympiads 1 to 100 (International Rank) 25%
101 to 200 (International Rank) 20%
201 to 500 (International Rank) 15%
School Grade A1 Grade (SC+Maths) in CBSE or 80% Above in other Board 25%
A2 Grade (SC+Maths) in CBSE or 70% to 80% in other Board 15%
*Pro Includes Courses of Mathematics Olympiad Program (Online Basic) of Relevant Class for Class V to X
** Online Plus for PRMO include Subjunior and for Subjunior, it include Primary
(+) 15000 (for Class X & IX) & 10000 (for Class Vto Viii) for Schools

Features of Recorded Video Lectures

  • High-quality Recorded Video Lectures
  • Created by highly experienced faculties
  • Innovative teaching methods helps in conceptualizing complex-concepts
  • Extensive support to prepare for various Competitive Exams & Olympiads
  • Efficient problem-solving methods by Experts
  • 24/7 accessibility, study anywhere & anytime
  • In-depth approach towards class-wise syllabus
  • Crystal-clear understanding of concepts
  • Concise theory with proofs and detailed explanation
  • Regular mock tests and quizzes to analyze students’ progress level
  • Build discipline and self-study habit in early age.
  • Student Performance Report provides detailed performance analysis
  • Max utilization of time available.
  • Easy Adaptation to the Quantum Jump from easy to difficult level of academics as the student gets more time of subject concepts.
  • Competence of the batch starting early would be very high as the brightness of the lot will join at this stage as comparable to the competition among the late joinees.
  • Better learning & more probability of academic success through experience gained over years.
  • Weekly Live Doubt Session.