What makes Motion unique?

Motion Education has been nurturing students growth for over 17 years. As one of the leading coaching institutes for NEET, IIT JEE (Main + Advanced), KVPY & Olympiads, we have a proven legacy of guiding students towards selection & success through structured learning programs and with experienced mentors walking by our side at every step of the journey.

Benefits of being Motionite

Motion's Personalized Approach

  • We believe in the selection and nurturing of the limitless potential within each student - seeing their inner talents,not just their grades.
  • Our ethical values, motivating environment, strong mentorship programs, and innovative technology help each student reach their full potential.
  • Our mentors build personal relationships, walking with them through failures and successes.

360-Degree Mentorship & Real-time Monitoring

  • We build bonds of trust through open communication between students, parents, and faculties. You can easily approach our Joint Directors, senior faculties, and even our CEO and Directors for any guidance or concerns.

Easy Accessibility to Mentors

  • We build bonds of trust through open communication between students, parents, and faculties. You can easily approach our Joint Directors, senior faculties, and even our CEO and Directors for any guidance or concerns.

Customized Learning Experience

  • Our AI-powered homework system analyzes each student's strengths and areas of improvement to generate personalized practice sheets. This customized approach helps address students diverse needs.

AI-Based Homework System

AI-Based Homework System

At Motion, we utilize advanced AI-technology to provide customized homework practice sheets for every student.Students can print these personalized sheets from our automated machines.

Our intelligent system analyzes each student's performance in weekly tests, practice attempts, and submissions through the Motion Learning App. It accurately calculates and identifies weaker subtopics and areas needing improvement for every individual.

By analyzing the various performance data, our AI methodology recognizes that students have diverse learning needs. Our innovative system generates targeted practice sheets tailored to focus on the exact topics each student needs to work on.

Here's what special about ourAI-based homework system

  • Automatically generates customized practice sheets for each student
  • Targets the exact topics/subtopics the student needs to work on
  • Adjusts over time based on student’s changing areas of improvement
  • Recognizes each student's knowledge gaps are unique

Tech-Enabled Learning through The Motion Learning App

The Motion Learning App is the largest online learning platform, supporting students whether enrolled in coaching institutes or self-studying. It allows students to assess and improve their performance anytime, anywhere.

Supporting Tool for Offline Students

  • Accessto recorded videos from a variety of expert teachers where you can learn from your favorite teacher to cover the topics you missed or need to revise.

A resource for effective learning

  • Interactive live classes with top educators
  • Structured video lectures explaining concepts and theories
  • Short videos with tips and tricks for quick learning
  • Videos from mentors with study motivation and success stories

A platform for increased practice

  • Chapter-wise exercise sets, modules, and worksheets
  • Daily practice problems(DPPs) for daily practice
  • Previous year’s questions(PYQs)
  • Detailed text and video solutions for every question

The Ultimate Exam Weapon

  • Increase selection chances with our structured All India Test Series (AITS), Brahmastra Test Series, and other mock tests
  • Topic-wise, chapter-wise, and year-wise PYQs are available for additional practice

Unique offerings

  • AI-based personalized homework (ACPS)
  • Customized practice sheets for subtopics
  • Free access to Motion’s Exam Cracker
  • Access to an Unlimited question bank (Yudhabhyas)
  • Chapter-wise short notes for quick revision

A tool for Self- analysis/ Self-assessment tool

  • Personalized performance report
  • Detailed Question-wise and topic-wise analysis 
  • Comparison with top 10 achievers
  • AI-driven feedback on areas of improvement

Additional Support

  • Real-time progress tracker
  • Dedicated Doubt Resolution Section
  • Scheduling tools
  • Stay Updated with Notifications and Bookmarks
  • Error reporting
  • Earn and Redeem Motion Coins for Rewards

AI Enabled Study Material

Integrated Learning with Modern Technology: This new module utilizes advanced data and technology to enhance your learning outcomes.

Enhanced Opportunities for Students: Our primary goal is to help every student, including those who consider themselves average, to excel in the JEE/NEET examinations.

Strategically Organized Practice Problems: All practice problems in this module are organized into various subtopics, providing a targeted and effective learning approach.

Real-Time Expert Guidance: Each question in this module comes with a QR code. Scan the QR code to access text and video explanations from experts in real time.

Detailed Question Analysis: For each question, students can see whether others have answered them correctly, incorrectly, or left unattempted. This helps them to track their performance.

Efficient Decision-Making with QR Codes: The integration of percentage data and QR codes enables students to quickly decide whether to persist with a challenging question or look up the answer.

AI Enabled Study Material

Ensure your child’s complete care and safety with Motion

At Motion, every student matters. We nurture the potential in each child, not just the toppers. With ethical values at our core, your child receives individualized support.

Ensuring the Safety and Accountability of Your Child

  • Entry/exit SMS alerts inform you of arrivals/departures
  • Absence texts notify parents if a student misses classes
  • A Follow-up call is made if your child is absent for 3 continuous days
  • Students cannot leave premises without parental approval during academic hours

Enhanced communication with parents

  • Standard teacher-parent conferences are held regularly
  • Faculty consultations are available as per parental preferences
  • Weekly attendance updates are shared through WhatsApp and are easily accessible through Motion Learning App
  • Monthly progress reports are delivered through WhatsApp and are easily accessible through the Motion Learning App

Academic Support System for your child

  • Self-study space is available from 7 am to 8 pm for dedicated learning
  • Teachers provide assistance through Doubt Counters for concept clarification
  • When grades decline, we meet with parents to plan the improvements required
  • One-on-one advising is available to meet specific individual needs

Overall Development through engaging Seminars

  • Engaging inspirational seminars are held regularly
  • Career assistance other than JEE/NEET exams is also provided 
  • Student mentorship programs are also conducted

Our Pillars

Dear Students, Welcome to Motion!

I would like to communicate my appreciation for the belief you have shown in MOTION. Your faith in us has made MOTION the fastest growing & best coaching institute for JEE, NEET, NTSE & Olympiads preparation in Kota. To all those young minds who have a aim to succeed in toughest Entrance Examinations of the country and are ready to follow our guidance, i assure them to translate their dreams into reality. Our aim is to provide the best education to our students and will continue to be the hallmark.

Er. Surendra Vijay

Dear Students, Welcome to Motion!

I feel privileged to be able to connect to you all. I believe that in order to excel & to improve the quality of education on a consistent basis, it is required to persistently seek and adopt innovative methods. Hence we at Motion, are constantly putting our efforts to transfer the knowledge of our esteemed Faculty Members to the young minds who have accepted the challenge to be the brightest Technocrate & Medico of the country. The excellent teaching standards at Motion spur us to pursuit relentless excellence. I assure you that your time at Motion is going to be the most pleasant experience ever. Our Success lies in your accomplishments only.Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.

Er. Nitin Vijay
Founder & CEO

Our Core Team

Ram Ratan Dwivedi (RRD Sir)

Joint Director & Head – JEE Division
Dear Students, Welcome to Motion!

Mr. Ram brings with him 23 years of experience as Chemistry HOD. Prior to Motion, he had co-founded an IIT-JEE Coaching Academy in Varanasi. His integrative approach gives Chemistry learning a new extension. Mr. Ram’s unique teaching methodology helps students’ to imbibe the Chemistry concepts in a spur of a moment. His vast experience is the ultimate resource for students in the field of chemistry. Mr. Ram is a B.Tech. from IIT (BHU), Varanasi.

Amit Verma (AV Sir)

Joint Director & Head – NEET Division
Dear Students, Welcome to Motion!

Mr. Amit has 19 years of teaching experience in Physics. He also brings valuable experience of running an entrepreneurial venture in IIT-JEE Coaching in Saharanpur. Prior to this, he was associated with Bansal Classes Kota, where he created a niche for himself in the teaching arena. His knowledge in Physics is above all parameters which help the students to make concrete foundations and score well.
Mr. Amit’s deep insight and innovative examples make him a favorite amongst the students. Mr. Amit is an M.Sc. Gold Medalist from C.C.S. University, Saharanpur.

Dr. Swati Vijay

Dear Students, Welcome to Motion!

With a belief to execute ideas into actions, we at Motion are always steady towards the gateway of commitment & success. To nurture our students and to provide them with the best faculty team, our mission lies, they should be in dream colleges of the country be it Engineering or Medical and for this our mentors keep on guiding them at every stage. All we need is, determination from students to follow their dreams.

Mrs. Sushila Vijay

Honorary Director
Dear Students, Welcome to Motion!

We strongly believe that to persistently follow the dreams, vigorous teaching, personal attention and motivation is required. Understanding all the aspects we have designed our structure in such a way that students get gelled easily with environment here.
Also it’s vital to remain focused and vigilant to shoot the sparrow’s eye thus we at Motion encourage students’ to share all the problems they face during their academic session, so that they should not have any kind of mental stress & issue.

Whatsaap Lead