Academic Pillars of JEE & NEET

Walk on the JEE & NEET preparation path without any complexity with the best faculty team in Kota. We believe that teachers act as the bridge between students’ dreams and success. They convert dreams into reality.

But it is only possible when the mentor is experienced and well-learned. Instead of beating around the bush, we want to keep things crystal clear for our students and their guardian. The given below are details and the perception of Motion’s faculty members.

NV Sir

Nitin Viijay (NV Sir)

Physics Faculty

With 17+ years of experience as a Physics faculty member, Mr. Nitin Viijay Sir (NV sir) brings a unique combination of proven execution and teaching abilities to Motion. His innovative teaching methodology has set new trends in the way Physics is taught for competitive exams. Apart from being a Physics Champion, he entices students to thrive to achieve their dreams. With his extensive understanding of students’ psychology, NV Sir is able to inspire students to achieve their dreams at Motion Kota.

Ram Ratan Dwivedi Sir
Ram Ratan Dwivedi (RRD Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

RRD Sir believes that grabbing knowledge alone does not count, instead implementing it in real life is real education. He inspires his students to chase their dreams without any compromises. Sir ensures to develop personal contact with every student and help them after understanding the root cause of their problem.

Nikhil Srivastava
Nikhil Srivastava (NS Sir)
Mathematics Faculty

In his 18 years of experience, he persuaded students to make the most of the opportunity and tutored them diligently. His effortless problem-solving methods and techniques necessitate the students to concentrate in the classroom. The way he connects with his students is remarkable, which is why students feel comfortable around him and ask their doubts without hesitating.

Aatish Agarwal (AA Sir)
Mathematics Faculty

An esteemed personality in the field of mathematics, Aatish Sir, has been in the education industry for the past 18 years. Students enjoy his class as he tries to introduce formulas, methods, or any mathematical rule with proper explanation keeping them curious. Moreover, he solves problems step-by-step on the board. His methods make it easier for students to understand the technique and quick way to solve typical numericals.

Arjun Gupta Sir
Arjun Gupta (Arjun Sir)
Mathematics Faculty

Arjun Sir is a passionate and qualified teacher in Mathematics for the past 14 years. His major quality is strong concept building in students' minds through simple examples. He strongly believes, "Practice and clear understanding of concepts is the only key to enjoy and overcome the difficulties in mathematics."

Akhilesh Kanther (AKK Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Being an alumnus of IIT BHU, Sir possesses experience of 18 years in the field of Physical Chemistry. Along with his unique methodology of making students impressed, he makes them mesmerized by his polite behavior. Sir has the ability to analyze every individual student, provide them guidance as per their strengths in the subject, and make them get through JEE. Thus, he has been called the Father of Physical Chemistry.

Vishal Joshi Sir
Vishal joshi (VJ Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

With an experience of 19 years, Vishal Sir has setup a breakthrough in "Inorganic Chemistry" with his outstanding teaching skills. His students always make their way through equations in a much-untroubled way and this is because of his skillful teaching. Being a motivational speaker, an author, and a life Coach; Sir is shaping the lives of students for a better future.

Surendra Kumar Mishra Sir
Surendra Kumar Mishra (SKM Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Surendra Sir comes with the experience of 18 years in teaching Organic Chemistry. Students get engaged with his unique way of teaching as most of the topics are taught by him in the form of stories in which elements are the characters of the story. This special way of teaching has made him the author of the book “PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY’’ for IIT Mains and Advanced and motivates his students to accomplish their dreams.

Amarnath Anand (ANNA Sir)
Amarnath Anand (ANNA Sir)
Mathematics Faculty

As a mentor and role model, Mr. Amarnath Anand (ANNA Sir) cultivates a supportive and inclusive learning environment. He understands the mentality of students and tailors his teaching methods according to them. He has worked hard in eliminating the fear of mathematics from the minds of many students and pushed them to improve themselves through more practice.

Gavesh Bharadwaj Sir
Garvesh Bhardwaj (GB Sir)
Mathematics Faculty

Mr. Gavesh Bharadwaj is a teacher who positively impacts students’ attitudes toward education. Making Mathematics easy by explaining the problems clearly as well as by giving shortcuts to solve problems, he builds confidence and the ability to do maths. Sir patiently repeats as many times his students want him to; hence, turning maths rules and formulas into chants is a skill only he possesses.

Anurag Garg Sir
Anurag Garg (AG Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Acknowledging a subject like Chemistry asks for a logical personality who has skills and command on his subject. Holding experience of 18 years vividly, Anurag Sir explains each concept, leaving students satisfied with their learning. A guru like Sir Anurag can act as a mentor to go and grow through this subject.

Avinash Kishore Sir
Avinash Kishore (AVN Sir)
Physics Faculty

Having experience of 10 years, Avinash Sir is excellent at delivering knowledge of Physics. Committed to providing students with the core conceptual learning to achieve academic goals, maintaining a love for the subject, and motivation to work hard. He promises a positive result to his students, provided they follow his pattern and instructions.

Deepak Joshi Sir
Deepak Joshi Sir (DJ Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

From elements to complex structures, Mr. Deepak Joshi Sir guide students on an extraordinary journey through the world of Inorganic Chemistry. A guru like Deepak Sir can act as a mentor to go and grow through this subject.

Devki Nandan Pathak Sir
Devki Nandan Pathak (DN Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Initiating right from the basics to the proficiency level, DN Sir maintains the same understanding and teaching technique. It helps to develop a flow of learning. Many students respect him as a guru, Sir has been fortunate in sustaining his name in the field of acknowledging chemistry for 13 years.

Jayant Chittora Sir
Jayant Chittora (JC Sir)
Mathematics Faculty

“Mathematics is not only addition or subtraction, rather gives us the hope that every problem has a solution,”- believes Jayant Sir. Thus, he has been framing mathematics as an interesting and enchanting subject for the last 17 years. Effective teachers like him seize opportunities to get students out of the classroom to connect their learning to the real world in real-time.

Pankaj Gupta Sir
Pankaj Gupta (PG Sir)
Physics Faculty

The students in Pankaj Sir’s class truly reach their inner potential and develop a great interest in Physics. He tries to connect the concepts of the subject with the actual examples, which students witness every single day. This practice has helped students to solve problems fast and accurately. Apart from his academic help, his calm and welcoming attitude makes students comfortable.

Vipin Sharma Sir
Vipin Sharma (VS Sir)
Mathematics Faculty

A mentor and an expert in Mathematics for engineering exams, Sir Vipin Sharma has devoted 13 years to teaching. Dedicated preparation leads to victory is what Sir Vipin conveys to every student. Handling complex questions, teaching tricks to solve and most importantly improving focus are the main factors to avoid silly mistakes that Sir has commanded.

Rahul Kumar Sir
Rahul Kumar (RK Sir)
Physics Faculty

Rahul Sir always instructs students first to understand the core concepts. Once you have all the concepts clear, work on the examples to master the various solving techniques. His technique helped many students to solve lengthy numericals without spending much time. Making derivations and formulas easy to remember for students is his forte.

Mukesh Suman Sir
Mukesh Suman (MSS Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Introducing students with tips and tricks is the method of Mukesh Sir during imparting lectures. Making Chemistry easy for students is a difficult task, but when he stands infront of students, they seem to take an interest in knowing the facts and exceptions of the stream. The aura he creates in the class leads to the complete engagement of students in their studies.

Devashish Potter Sir
Devashish Potter (Dev Sir)
Physics Faculty

“You win or fail at the end, does not certify who you are, so never stop trying.” - this is how Devashish Sir keeps his students motivated. He focuses on transferring all his knowledge, which can be beneficial for his students during the JEE exam. Hence, making students acknowledged with various concepts and developing their problem-solving skills.

Shaleen Singhwal Sir
Shaleen Singhwal (Shaleen Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Shaleen Sir is one of the ideal Chemistry mentors who prioritize his students' psychology and accordingly instruct them. He analyzes students’ capability and maintains the level of lecture. Helping students by introducing strategies and tricks to learn reactions, exceptions, or any sub-topics are some qualities that he exhibits.

Ritesh Dahiya Sir
Ritesh Dahiya Sir (RD Sir)
Physics Faculty

From Newton to Einstein; Illuminating minds with the marvels of Physics – meet our catalyst of knowledge Mr. Ritesh Dahiya Sir who is a patient and dedicated teacher, guiding students through challenging concepts and widening their full potential so that the students can excel in their fields.

Rohit Malav Sir
Rohit Malav Sir (RM Sir)
Physics Faculty

In the realm of physics education Rohit Malav Sir is an expert and plays a very crucial role in shaping students’ understanding of the physical world and encouraging their interest in the subject. He has enriched the learning experience of our students by facilitating his hands-on experiments.

Deepak Sharma Sir
Deepak Sharma Sir (DS Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Mr. Deepak Sharma Sir is our esteemed physical chemistry teacher, a passionate and dedicated educator who believes that understanding “why” behind chemical and physical phenomena is just as crucial as mastering the “how” and so his students always excel in their fields.

Krishan Kumar Soan Sir
Krishan Kumar Soan Sir (KKS Sir)
Mathematics Faculty

In the realm of Mathematics for JEE exams, Mr. Krishan Kumar Soan Sir’s guidance is unparalleled. His exceptional teaching abilities have positioned him as a true champion of academic success. Under his mentorship, students conquer any mathematical challenge that comes their way.

Vikram Singh Meena Sir
Vikram Singh Meena Sir (VSM Sir)
Physics Faculty

Mr. Vikram Singh Meena Sir’s teaching philosophy centers around fostering curiosity and creativity. He encourages his students to explore the underlying principles of physics through interactive simulations and much more. His teaching style helps students to develop a deep understanding of the subject.

Indrajeet Chourasiya Sir
Indrajeet Chourasiya Sir (IC Sir)
Mathematics Faculty

Mr. Indrajeet Chourasiya Sir is a renowned mentor and a revered expert in Mathematics for engineering exams. His unique approach to mathematics has transformed the way students approach the subject.

Amit Verma Sir
Amit Verma (AV Sir)
Physics Faculty

A gem educator of Physics, Amit Verma Sir holds 17 years of teaching experience and is a Gold Medalist in M.Sc. from C.C.S. University. In all these years, he introduced students to unique tips and tricks to solve tedious equations without spending much time. The most charismatic skill he beholds is using real-life examples in his lectures, which every student can relate to. As a result, his experimental approach helps understand the varied concepts and implement them without any confusion.

Dr. Ashish Maheshwari Sir
Dr. Ashish Maheshwari (AM sir)
Biology Faculty

A senior faculty of Botany and Genetics, Dr. Ashish Maheshwari Sir, has the capability to impart the entire syllabus comprehensively. In 22 years of experience, he has ensured that every student understands the concept vividly and is not left unanswered. He motivates students by saying, “Learning anything requires commitment and the ability to push through the uncomfortable feeling of not being the best until reaching competency.”

Ashish Bajpai Sir
Ashish Bajpai (AB Sir)
Biology Faculty

Converting the most difficult topics of Biology into students' favorite topics is the specialty of Ashish Bajpai Sir. He motivates students with his words, “Quitting is a word that will never find a place in my dictionary.” The lectures he imparts are engaging, which helps students focus on his lecture rather than getting distracted from unnecessary elements. The most astonishing part of his teaching skills is that students easily relate to his lectures when they are self-studying.

Jitendra Chandwani Sir
Jitendra Chandwani (JC Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

When it comes to Organic Chemistry, many students majorly face problems understanding and remembering chemical reactions. He believes in constructing an errorless foundation first and then learning lengthy chemical reactions; this is why he has been the top faculty of Organic Chemistry for the past 20 years. The combined efforts of JC Sir and students in learning have made it possible for students to get into their desired institutions.

Lalit Vijay Sir Sir
Lalit Vijay (LV Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Helping students by digging in and analyzing the root cause of the unsatisfactory performance of students in Chemistry is the skill of Lalit Vijay Sir. His teaching techniques represent the perfect compilation of his practical knowledge and extensive theoretical command on the diverse topics of the subject. Students who studied from him 20 years back still admire him, whose guidance helped them secure top ranks in the NEET exam.

G.S. Tiwari Sir
G. S. Tiwari (GST Sir)
Physics Faculty

G. S. Tiwari Sir holds an innovative way through which he subtly acknowledges students with various concepts of Physics. His understanding of both 11th and 12th topics has propelled students to invest uncountable hours in solving physics numericals. His calm attitude and passion for enlightening students have even made derivations lectures interesting. He aces in explaining the scientific rules and methods, which has helped students increase their marks in the final examination.

Mahipat Singh Sir
Mahipat Singh Sir (MPS Sir)
Physics Faculty

Another majestic personality, Mr. Mahipat Singh Sir, shares his enormous knowledge and experience with his students. He always ensures that his students are comfortable in asking doubts and actively participate in the learning process. His positive attitude always motivate students to perform better in academics.

Dr. Shobhit Patel Sir
Dr. Shobbhit Patel (SP Sir)
Biology Faculty

Zoology includes diverse topics from human anatomy to the animal kingdom. The countless names in the animal kingdom, enzymes in the human body and many more such topics scare students during NEET preparation. But we have an expert of Zoology, Dr. Shobhit Patel, who creates a healthy environment welcoming every student to learn the inside-out of the chapter taught in the class. He skilfully utilizes his past 15 years of experience and makes the most difficult topic students’ favorite topic.

Bharat Bhushan Sir
Bharat Bhushan (Bharat Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Chemistry haunts many students, but when they get well-delivered lectures from Bharat Bhushan Sir, there is no way anyone gets scared of it. Sir has done his graduation with B. Pharma. from COP IPS Academy, Indore, and has experience of 12 years in the education domain. His way of representing and making students understand gives a clear vision to students. In addition, he considers students’ perceptions and opinions and calmly handles them.

Renu Singh Ma’am
Renu Singh (RNS Ma’am)
Biology Faculty

Biology contains half of the weightage in the NEET exam. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention and clear the concepts of Biology from a knowledgeable faculty like Renu Singh Ma’am. She was a rank holder in her university, with the same aim she takes her classes to nourish students in such a way that they also stand in top positions. Her motherly gesture helps students connect with her easily, which results in the overall development of an individual.

Pankaj Talwar Sir
Pankaj Talwar Sir (PT Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Mr. Pankaj Talwar Sir, a teacher who posses the power to empower, enlighten and elevate their students to new heights. While easing the difficult topics of chemistry in an interesting way, he develops a positive chemistry with his students.

Pranay Lahoty Sir
Pranay Lahoty (PL Sir)
Physics Faculty

Creating an energetic vibe and encouraging students to concentrate on their studies is Pranay Lahoty Sir’s strong point. Many students feel awkward or shy to ask their queries freely. But he effortlessly becomes friends with students and establishes a comfort zone, which helps students to ask their doubts without any hesitation. Moreover, with his unbeatable analytical and solving skills, he set a remarkable example of a well-learned Physics faculty.

Pawan Vijay Sir
Pawan Vijay (PV Sir)
Physics Faculty

Another majestic and spectacular personality in Physics, Mr. Pawan Vijay Sir, shares his immense knowledge and experience with his students. He believes that the key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity. He molds the minds of his students towards dimensions of learning and makes them believe that the ones who have learned can only assess the capability to change their tomorrow.

Durgesh Pandey Sir
Durgesh Pandey (DP Sir)
Physics Faculty

A mentor with extensive knowledge in Physics can only make their students have a good hold on the subject. A silly mistake while solving the numerical problem can change the final result. However, knowing this fact, many students unintentionally create one. To save you from failing and highlight your mistakes, Durgesh Pandey is always ready to help. In fact, he is a step ahead as he is well-aware of where students can make such mistakes and signifies them initially.

Naveen Nandwana Sir
Naveen Nandwana (NN Sir)
Physics Faculty

Prioritizing students’ satisfaction and still being able to complete the entire syllabus on time is Naveen Nandwana Sir’s way of teaching. Further, sir has comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the subject to create, execute, and analyze student assessments along with outstanding ability to bring about and maintain high academic standards. As a physics teacher, he ensures to make formulas, derivations, and tricks on tips so that students don’t panic while giving their main examination.

Shreyansh Gupta Sir
Shreyansh Gupta Sir
Biology Faculty

Introducing you to Mr. Shreyansh Gupta Sir, an exceptional botany teacher who possesses a profound love for plants and sharing his knowledge with his students. His vibrant personality and engaging teaching style create an inspiring learning environment, captivating students from the moment they enter into his classroom.

Poonam Lakhani Ma'am
Poonam Lakhani Ma'am (PLK Mam)
Chemistry Faculty

Mrs. Poonam Lakhani Ma'am is an avid researcher and scholar. Her contributions in the field of inorganic chemistry is highly remarkable. She always encourages her students to question, explore and think critically. Students love to work and perform different experiments under her guidance.

Sonu Bulani Sir
Sonu Boolani (SB Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

There is no doubt that Sonu Bulani Sir is famous among students who love and secure good marks in Physical Chemistry. However, developing students’ interest in a particular domain becomes a bit tricky when they are unable to score good marks. But after taking classes from SB Sir, students’ perception changes as they start initiating to develop in the topics they are least interested in.

Sahil Kumar Sir
Sahil Kumar (SK Sir)
Chemistry Faculty

Sahil Kumar Sir, another brilliant Physical Chemistry teacher who also has extensive knowledge of Inorganic Chemistry, is among one of the impactful teachers. His poignant and inspirational way makes students climb ladders of rank in the medical field. Moreover, commanding two major sections of chemistry, which he takes, can become a turning point in a students’ life as these two sections have their individual weightage in the NEET exam.