Refund Rules | Motion

If a student leaves the course before completion due to any reason whatsoever, he/she will get the refund of the first installment of the fee as per follows:

  • Only those Refund Requests shall be entertained where the requests are made within 1 week of Course Commencement. The Deducted amount shall be 20% of the Total Fee Applicable for that course.
  • In case of short-term courses, where the course duration is less than 4 months, Refund Requests would not be entertained.

General Rules for fee refund:

  • No fee will be refunded in case a student leaves the institute after one week of class commencement. Here, his/her departure from the institute may be voluntary or due to any other reasons, whatsoever.
  • The Service Tax & Education Cess on course fee & refund amount is liable to change as per the revision made by Government of India.
  • No amount of fee will be refunded to a student if he/she does not get selected in IIT-JEE/AIEEE or other competitive examinations.
  • If a student wants to leave the institute and opts for fee refund; he/she should follow the under mentioned steps:
    • Collect the Fee Refund Application Form from institute’s reception counter and fill it completely.
    • Attach original receipt(s) of total fee deposited.
    • Attach original Identity Card.
    • Submit the filled-in refund Application Form in person along with above-mentioned documents to the coordinator in the office.
    • Only student/parent can submit ‘Fee Refund’ application in person. Please note that we will not accept the Fee Refund application form from any other person.
    • Processing of application for refund takes approximately seven days.
    • The fee will be refunded by account payee cheque only in the father or mother’s name.
    • Only the student or his/her parent can collect the cheque for refund of the fee after seven days of submitting the application for refund. The refund cheque will not be given to friend/relative or any other person.
    • Only in exceptionable circumstances, the institute will send the cheque to parent by post at home address given in the refund application. In all other cases, the Refund Cheque would be given in person only.
    • The student/parents should understand that fee refund is a part of institute’s policy and we strictly follow the refund rules & regulations as mentioned above. However, if the request for refund is submitted(in writing with required documents) after the Refund Date is over; we will not entertain it. Please also note that refund requests made verbally/in written or through Telephone/email/Fax are also not entertained.
  • Any legal matter/dispute related to fee refund is subject to Kota (Rajasthan) jurisdiction only.