Be the best school with the best academic approach.

To build the strong foundation of the students by providing them training to achieve excellent results in schools as well as in Govt. competitive exams like JEE, NEET, NTSE, IJSO, RMO, SAT/PSAT and private Olympiads like NSO, IMO, NSTSE, etc. Motion provides school integrated program-

The School Integrated Program is a unique program that integrates school syllabus mastery and test preparation skills with personal self-study and focused coaching. A significant aspect of the program is the opportunity for students to practice newly acquired or enhanced skills in both typical and atypical learning environments.


Every student is important

Our motto “हमारा विश्वास हर विद्यार्थी है ख़ास” is always the theme of everything we do. We strive to create a dynamic environment for education and set the stage for student’s achievement & success.

Academic Brilliance

We have achieved academic brilliance with the continuous improvement in our course curriculum, quality enhancement of our study material and faculty training programs.

Best ROI

Take this opportunity to earn name and fame by joining hands with Motion Education.

Centre Start-up Support

Motion provides you full guidance to build up the centre and helps in the centre layout planning. Motion will also provide website development support.

HR Support

Motion provides continuous support for the Faculty and staff recruitment and faculty training. Also provides support for Planning & execution assistance in Advertising & Branding Exercises.

Academic Support

Motion provides support for syllabus progress tracking, annual planner, Motion Solution lab and students’ & faculty performance tracking through SPR.



Answer. : The MotionSIP model is designed for preparation of competitive exams along with school/Board.

Answer. : As an educational institute we believe that academics management support is most important part of the business. Motion will provide all the academic support including faculty, study material test series, webinar, seminar, exam guidance etc. to students within the school premises so they can prepare for competitive exams along with their schools. Apart from academic support we will provide all possible help to centre for generating business and serving the society. Following are the key support areas where motion will help the SIP partner-

  • Centre Set-up & Go live support
  • Academics
  • Course Material
  • HR Support
  • Training & Development
  • Branding& Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Online Exam Support

Key Benefits of School Association are

  • Competitive Edge
  • Quality Academic Delivery
  • Low Dropout Ratio
  • Additional Revenue
  • Experienced Faculty Team from Kota

Benefits to the Students

  1. The School students shall have the benefit of coaching/training by India’s premiere Education Institute ‘Motion’.
  2. Exposure of students to the vast & competitive pool of Motion students (enrolled in Classroom & Distance Learning Programs.)
  3. Notable Improvement in the performance of the students in the School/Board as well as in Competitive Examinations.
  4. Regular assessment according to their aptitude.

Benefits to the Parents

Benefit of Quality Education in the same school where the student is studying.

No other coaching is required hence saving in terms of both time and energy.

To save the students and their parents from botheration and inconvenience of commutation. (Student can utilize the saved time in more meaningful and productive manner.)

Answer. : There will be a dedicated team at Motion HO which will provide round the clock support to franchise centre for any kind of assistance.