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About Subject Selection Test

Subject Selection Test will help the students in analyzing their behaviour and IQ to identify the right career path at an early stage and helping them in choosing the right career after Class 10th. The goal of this test is to create a clear thinking in the student’s mind and making them realize in which subject lies their strength, based on which they can choose their desired career, i.e. JEE/NEET/Non Science Option.


The Subject Selection Test is designed to provide you with guidance and insights to support your decision-making process. It is a valuable tool that can set you on the right track toward a fulfilling and successful career.

Resolve your confusion

The test identifies your strengths, aptitudes, and interests, providing clarity for choosing a career path that aligns with your natural abilities.

Precised Decision-Making

The test provides you with objective insights into your abilities and preferences, empowering you to make a well-informed choice based on data and analysis.

Saving Time & Effort

The test efficiently narrows down career options based on your abilities and interests, minimizing the time and effort required to explore numerous paths.

Improved Academics

Pursuing a career aligned with your abilities and interests boosts motivation and engagement in studies, leading to improved academic performance focused on relevant subjects and courses.

Discovering New Possibilities

Sometimes, individuals possess talents or aptitudes that they are unaware of. The Subject Selection Test can help uncover these hidden talents.

Test Details

Test Pattern

The test will contain Objective type questions.

No Registration Fee

The test has no registration fee.

No. Of Questions

The test will contain total 10 questions.


Class 9th & 10th students can appear for the test.

If you are confused about the right career choice or, are stuck in a constant loophole, then we’d suggest you to take our FREE Subject Selection Test.

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