NEET College Predictor 2024


The private colleges mentioned here are selected based on the state quota counselling cut-offs. It should be noted that this data is based on information available on the internet and may not necessarily reflect the current cut-offs or admission criteria for these colleges.

NEET College Predictor 2024

Medical, Dental, and AYUSH students who have successfully taken their entrance exams are eagerly waiting to find out which college they will be allocated to. With high competition levels, even a single mark can make a significant difference. The candidates with a read of this article will be provided with an innovative tool that predicts the possible college and course that medical aspirants can get admission to based on their ranks.

With the help of NEET College Predictor 2024, Candidates can use the NEET Rank to determine their chances of admission to Medical, Dental, and AYUSH colleges throughout the country. They can also check the likelihood of getting admitted to 15% AIQ, 85% state quota, and Central, and Deemed universities based on various determining factors.

In addition, Medical, Dental, and AYUSH aspirants can receive a personalized report on NEET counselling, covering several factors such as the best MBBS, BDS, and AYUSH colleges, as well as All India level and state-level counselling’s.

NEET College Predictor 2024: predict college using rank

Motion institutes provide students with the opportunity to predict their probable college by using the NEET ranks.

The NEET 2024 College Predictor tool employs advanced algorithms and the previous year's NEET counselling data's opening and closing ranks to predict the best possible college for students based on their expected ranks. To utilize the tool, candidates need to register on the page and receive an idea of their future medical college.

How can be the NEET college predictor used for free?

Here is a step-by-step guide to finding your NEET 2024 Rank & College using our NEET UG Rank Predictor 2024:

  • Fill in your personal information such as your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Verify your mobile number with an OTP Select a student type, city, branch, and category
  • Enter your NEET roll number and expected NEET rank, then click the submit button to find your expected NEET ranking and college.

How to Determine NEET Rank Based on Marks?

Once the NEET results are released, candidates can determine their All-India Rank (AIR) by using their NEET scores. However, if you wish to check your expected score before the official results are announced, you can refer to your NEET response sheet and answer key. By using the NEET marking scheme as a guide, you can allot yourself points for each correct and incorrect answer to determine your expected score. To calculate your potential NEET rank range for 2024, you can use the table below.

The Benefits of NEET College Predictor 2024

The NEET college predictor tool for 2024 offers several benefits, including the ability to explore career opportunities well in advance. It allows you to calculate your probable NEET rank within seconds and gain insight into your performance. Furthermore, it helps you assess your position in the NEET competition.

It's important to note that the rank you obtain through the college predictor NEET 2024, the tool is simply a prediction. It's designed to give you an estimate of your NEET ranking, and we encourage students to wait for the official announcement of NEET exam results on the NEET NTA 2024 website. Keep in mind that the results may vary based on different factors.

NEET Passing Scores

NEET qualifying marks are the minimum scores required to be placed on the NEET counselling merit list. There is a common misconception that NEET qualifying marks are equal to half of the NEET score, i.e., half of 720=360, which is incorrect. The qualifying marks for NEET UG are in the 50th percentile. NEET percentile score and NEET score percentage are not the same things. To qualify for NEET counselling, you must outperform 50% of all aspirants who took the NEET entrance exam. The NEET qualifying mark varies from year to year, but it typically ranges between 150 and 200 Please keep in mind that simply scoring 150-200 on the NEET UG exam will not get you into medical colleges in India.

NEET qualifying score for MBBS colleges

The Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) will release the NEET Cut Off for government medical colleges following the announcement of NEET results. NTA publishes the NEET merit list for admission to 15% All India Quota (AIQ) seats on its official website, The respective state medical counselling authorities release the NEET cut-off for the remaining 85% of state quota seats.

Aspirants seeking admission to undergraduate courses in Indian medical colleges should be aware of the NEET cut-off 2023 for better references for admission. Candidates who do not meet the NEET cut-off for admission to government colleges will be denied admission to MBBS and BDS programmes. A number of factors, including the number of government institutions, influence the NEET 2023 cutoff.

NEET College Predictor 2024: Predict Top MBBS/BDS Colleges

The NEET College Predictor for 2024 is a valuable tool for candidates seeking admission to top MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BHMS/BUMS/B.Sc Nursing colleges based on their NEET scores. It uses previous years' NEET cutoff data from 531 MBBS, 226 BDS, 26 BAMS, 25 BHMS, and 6 B.Sc Nursing colleges to predict the most suitable medical/dental colleges in India.

The NEET College Predictor 2024 relies on opening and closing ranks derived from the seat allotment results of NEET counselling to provide a list of top colleges. The Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) conducts NEET counselling for 15% All India Quota (AIQ) seats, while the respective state authorities manage the counselling for 85% State Quota Seats. In 2023, the closing ranks for AIIMS Delhi and VMMC Delhi were 55 and 129, respectively.

The NEET 2024 exam is scheduled for May 7, 2024, with the results expected to be released in June 2024 Along with the results, NTA will also announce the qualifying marks for NEET 2024 The NEET qualifying percentile is 50 for the General category and 40 for OBC/SC/ST candidates. Based on the scores obtained in NEET 2024, candidates can use the NEET College Predictor to check the expected list of colleges. This will help them analyze their chances of admission to top government and private MBBS/BDS colleges.

To provide candidates with an idea of the rank range they can expect based on their marks, we have included below the NEET Marks vs Rank analysis based on previous years. It is important to note that the college predictor neet 2024 is only a prediction tool and that admission is subject to various factors.

NEET counselling 2024

The NEET 2024 counselling process is handled by the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC). MCC organizes counselling for the All India Quota (AIQ), while each state's authorities manage counselling within their state. AIQ NEET counselling 2024 includes 15% of seats in government colleges and all seats in deemed universities, central universities, JIPMER, AFMC, ESIC, and AIIMS.

During NEET 2024 counselling, each state conducts counselling separately for 100% private seats and 85% government seats within that state. Students using the NEET college predictor 2024 can figure out which institute they might get into and make smart decisions during counselling. To participate, candidates need to register, share their course preferences, and pay the counselling fee. After seats are allocated, students must go to their assigned institutes to finish the admission process.

NEET College Predictor: Top medical colleges’ cutoff Marks

The NEET College Predictor 2024 helps you see which colleges you might get into based on your NEET exam score. Here are some best medical colleges you should consider when using the NEET 2024 college predictor.

Name of the colleges NIRF 2023 Rank NEET previous year’s cutoff (General)
All India Institute of Medical Science, Delhi 1 61
Banaras Hindu University 8 866
Madras Medical College, Chennai 11 797
King George’s Medical University, Lucknow 12 1457
Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital 14 129
Dr. D Y Patil Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Pune 15 509606 (Management quota)
All India Institute of Medical Science, Bhubaneswar 17 564
Saveetha Medical College and Hospital, Tamil Nadu 18 489707 (Management quota)
Aligarh Muslim University 28 3028
Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore 30 62466 (Management quota)

Benefits of using NEET College Predictor 2024

The NEET 2024 college predictor is a useful tool for students who want to study MBBS in India. It helps them find colleges they might be able to get into based on their expected scores. Here are some benefits of using the NEET college predictor 2024.

  • Smart Choices: With the NEET College Predictor 2024, students can pick colleges based on their rank, where they want to study, and how much they can afford. It helps them make smart decisions about their future.
  • Saves Time and Effort: Instead of spending hours looking for colleges, the predictor gives students a list of good options quickly. It does all the hard work for them, so they don't have to search each college one by one.
  • Comparing Colleges: During counselling, the NEET College Predictor 2024 helps students compare different colleges easily. With so many colleges to choose from, it's important to find the best one that suits their needs and budget. The tool makes it easy to see the pros and cons of each college, helping students make the right choice.
  • Confidence in Decision-Making: With the guidance of the NEET College Predictor, students can approach the college selection process with confidence, knowing that they have thoroughly explored their options and chosen the colleges that best align with their goals and preferences.
  • Increases Efficiency: NEET College Predictor saves students’ time by giving them a shortlist of colleges that match what they're looking for. This means they don't have to spend ages searching for colleges themselves and can focus on other things they need to do.

FAQs – NEET College Predictor 2024

Q1. What is the use of the NEET college predictor ?

Ans. The NEET 2024 college predictor is a useful tool for students preparing for the exam. It helps them figure out which medical colleges they might get into based on their NEET score and other details. By entering their information, students can see a list of colleges that match their expected rank. Overall, the NEET college predictor by Motion College Predictor helps students make smart choices about their future in medicine.

Q2. Are NEET College Predictor 2024 results accurate ?

Ans. The NEET UG 2024 college predictor uses historical data and trends to estimate admission possibilities based on a student's NEET score. However, it's crucial to understand that while it provides a rough idea, it cannot guarantee the accuracy of the result.

Q3. Is 2 lakh a good rank in NEET ?

Ans. A rank of 2 lakh in NEET is usually seen as average. But whether it's good or not depends on things like how many people took the test, how hard it was, and how many seats are available. Looking at past years, it's unlikely to get into a government college for MBBS or BDS with this rank.

Q4. How many marks are required in NEET for BAMS ?

Ans. To get into the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS) program, candidates from the General category need to score over 400 marks in the NEET exam. This is based on the cutoff from previous years for admission.

Q5. Can I get admission in MBBS with 500 Marks ?

Ans. Scoring 500 in the NEET 2024 exam is seen as really good. It means candidates can easily get into the college they want.

Q6. How does a NEET college predictor work ?

Ans. NEET College Predictors use previous NEET scores to suggest potential colleges for students based on their performance.

Q7. Can I use a NEET college predictor for free ?

Ans. Yes, most NEET college predictors, including Motion Education's tool, are free to use. You just need to visit their website and follow the instructions provided to input your NEET exam scores, rank, and other relevant details.

Q8. What is a NEET college predictor ?

Ans. A NEET college predictor is an online tool designed to estimate a candidate's chances of admission to different medical colleges based on their NEET exam scores, rank, category, and other related details.

Q9. Can a NEET UG College Predictor guarantee my admission to a particular college?

Ans. A NEET UG College Predictor can't assure you a spot in a specific college. It only guesses based on data and trends. Admission actually depends on lots of things and the official counselling process done by the authorities.

Q10. Are there any charges for using Motion NEET UG College Predictor?

Ans. The Motion NEET UG College Predictor is completely free of cost.

Q11. What does the Motion NEET College Predictor 2024 help students avoid?

Ans.The Motion NEET College Predictor 2024 helps students avoid spending too much time searching for colleges, as it gives them a ready-made list of options to consider.

Q12. What is the purpose of the NEET 2024 College Predictor tool?

Ans. The purpose of the NEET 2024 College Predictor tool is to help students anticipate and predict which medical college they might get based on their expected NEET rank.

Q13. How to use the NEET college predictor 2024?

Ans. To use the NEET College Predictor 2024, visit the Motion institutes' webpage, register with your NEET details, input your expected rank, and get predictions for potential colleges based on past data. Review the list provided to plan your next steps in the college selection process.

Q14. Which is the best NEET 2024 college predictor for candidates?

Ans. Motion NEET College Predictor 2024 is the top choice for candidates. It gives you really accurate predictions about which college you might get into, based on past information.