Motion has never neglected the well-being of its students, faculties and entire staff. We ensure to offer a healthy environment for the complete Motion family and visitors, considering their health and security. Therefore, to prevent any causality or degradation in the health due to COVID-19, we strictly adhere to all the safeguard measures specified by WHO and the local health authorities. Hence, committing to offer an enhanced and safe environment for all. We keep our campuses well-equipped and ensure that everyone maintains and follows guidelines, implying both for in-house members or visitors entering the campus.

Prioritizing health and safety

Vaccinated team

To provide an absolutely safe environment, we ensure that the entire team of Motion has at least got their first dose.

Sanitizing and disinfecting

All the campuses and offices are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Every nook and corner, including switches, stairs, door handles, handrails, washrooms, and other places where there is a high probability of physical contact are disinfected regularly.

Body temperature

Before entering the building, everyone’s body temperature is checked.

Face shield or mask is mandatory

No one is permitted to roam within the campus without a mask or face shield. If someone forgets to bring one along with them, we provide them before entering the institution.

Classroom and doubt counter precaution

Diagonal seating arrangement has done and reduced the classroom strength to 50%. It is mandatory for students and faculty members to wear a mask/face shield during class or doubt sessions. Proper distancing has been taken under consideration to set up doubt counters and an Acrylic Transparent Corona Protectant shield is installed to avoid close contact.

Social Distancing

As suggested, we have confined the adjacent seats and marked them using tape 6 feet apart to maintain a social distance of visitors, students, and staff.

COVID-19 SOP followed by everyone inside the organization

  1. Restrictions on close or direct contact, like handshaking, gathering inside the premises, etc.

  2. Strictly maintain proper social distance from one another.

  3. It is mandatory for all above 18 years to be vaccinated.

  4. Everyone inside the campus must wear a face mask/shield/cover.

  5. Students and guardians visiting from other cities must follow the State COVID-19 protocols. And are required to be diagnosed negative in RT-PCR test (within initial 72 hours).

  6. Everyone is advised to bring their stationery, booklets, water bottle, lunch boxes, edibles, etc., to avoid direct contact.

  7. Frequently wash your hands or use sanitizer to avoid spreading the infection.

  8. Do not spit inside the campus.

  9. Keep monitoring yourself.

  10. Report us immediately if you have any illness.

  11. Avoid coming to campus in case you have any symptoms like fever, cough, cold, and headache.