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How to Prepare for JEE Main 2024 in Two Months

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How to Prepare for JEE Main 2024 in Two Months

The NTA will announce the JEE Main dates for the January and April sessions of 2024. The registration process will begin for the January session, which will be open in December 2023. The JEE Main Session 1 will be conducted in January 2024. As there are only two months left, most of the candidates must be panicking because of a lack of preparations. But by following the given below preparation tips, you can excel and crack the JEE Main 2024.

  • Prepare a structured schedule

Note that wasting time (race against time phrase meaning) can cause you a lot. Therefore, it is beneficial to prepare a proper schedule in which you sincerely devote 11-12 hours to your studies. In this schedule, you can start with a Chemistry topic (Inorganic/Organic) in the morning at 6:30, spending 2 hours. Make sure you don’t burden yourself much and take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) breaks in between to relax and calm your brain.

  • Rank your chapters

It is not necessary that you have a good command of every topic prescribed in your syllabus. Also, students tend to skip topics that they don’t like or score less in; however, this is absolutely wrong. If you want to get a good rank, you must be familiar with all the topics, especially the most asked ones. It is best if you divide topics into categories based on your performance. Separate these topics into three categories and name them good, moderate, and bad. The good category will include topics you have good knowledge of and bad with the least.

In addition, prepare a strategy monitor chart, where you can evaluate how many topics you have covered from each category and subject.

JEE Main 2024 Syllabus

  • Connect or interlink concepts

While you are preparing, try to connect the topics. This habit will help you during your exam time as the exam setters might take references from two different concepts to form one question. For example, you get a question involving basic trigonometric conversion, but if you don’t know the values and formula it becomes impossible to solve the question. Moreover, when you interlink the topics it becomes easier to understand and memorize the concept.

  • Practice

Since you have 2 months, you can atleast solve 12 previous years’ papers. If possible, try solving DPPs, sample question papers, mock test papers, etc. Ensure to analyze your paper performance by spending 2 hours to get a clear picture of your performance and shortcomings. It will help gain accuracy, increase speed, and good results.

  • Stay motivated and healthy

During exam time, students completely dig their heads into books and forget about their health. Remember your health is as important as your career; hence, eat healthy and nutritional food. Meanwhile, don’t let negative thoughts impact you, instead include exercise, yoga, meditation, or such activities to keep your mental state well.

Once you start inculcating these things in your routine, you will have sound physical and mental health. These things will help you acquire the knowledge more efficiently, reflecting in your result.

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