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JEE Main 2024: Most Important Topics and Chapters for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

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JEE Main 2024 Most Important Topics and Chapters for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Is qualitative analysis important for JEE Main? Is it possible to crack JEE Main with good marks if an applicant is able to solve JEE Main’s important questions? Students are generally in tension because of their improper strategy study plan. Moreover, with less than a month left for JEE Main exam, JEE applicants need to speed up their preparations. As the JEE Main syllabus is quite lengthy, it becomes challenging for JEE aspirants to cover each and every topic during the last time (race against time phrase meaning) revision. So, here are a few important topics for JEE Main 2024, which will increase your chances of selection with good AIR.


JEE Main 2024 Important Chapters & Topics for Physics

Many students are unaware of which are the most important chapters for JEE Main in Physics. This unawareness can impact their final exam performance. There are 21 units prescribed in the JEE Main syllabus of Physics. But here is the list of top weightage topics:

High Weightage Low Weightage
Heat & Thermodynamics Heat Transfer
Ray Optics Fluids
Electromagnetic Waves Nuclear Physics & X-Rays
Semiconductors Work, Energy & Power
Error & Instrument Analysis Units & Measurements
Gravitation Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation
Wave Optics Circular Motion
Photoelectric Effect Center of Mass & Collisions
Oscillations Communication Systems
Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current Laws of Motion
Current Electricity & Capacitors
Properties of Matter
Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism
Bohr’s Atomic Model
Waves & Sound

JEE Main 2024 Important Chapters & Topics for Maths

Understanding concepts and implementing mathematical formulas correctly is essential when solving the Maths portion in JEE Main exam. Students must know important formulas for JEE Main Maths portion so they can solve problems quickly and accurately. Here is the list of high weightage topics for Maths-

High Weightage Low Weightage
3 Dimensional Geometry Differential Equation
Vectors Differentiation
Determinant & Matrices Trigonometric Equation
Sequence & Series Statistics
Straight Line Mathematical Logic
Circle Set & Relation
Probability Distribution (Binomial Mean & Variance) Height & Distance
Definite Integral & Area Under the Curve Trigonometric Ratio & Functions
Limits, Continuity & Differentiability Properties of Triangle
Functions Permutation & Combination
Application of Derivatives Indefinite Integral
Conic Sections
Complex Number
Quadratic Equation
Binomial Theorem & M. I.

JEE Main 2024 Important Chapters & Topics for Chemistry

Questions in the Chemistry portion of JEE Main paper are designed from the topics of Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. Some important chapters for JEE Main 2024 from the Chemistry section include:

High Weightage Low Weightage
Atomic Structure Chemical Equilibrium
Gaseous & Liquid State Redox & Volumetric Analysis
Electrochemistry Solutions
Chemical Kinetics Metallurgy
Nuclear & Surface Chemistry Qualitative Analysis
Chemical Bonding Hydrocarbons
d-Block Elements Mole Concept
Co-ordination Compound Ionic Equilibrium
Alkyl Halides Solid State
Aromatic Compounds s-Block Elements
Thermodynamics Periodic Classification
p-Block Elements Classification & Nomenclature
General Organic Chemistry Alcohol & Ether
Isomerism Nitrogen Compounds & Aliphatic Amines
Aldehydes and Ketones Biomolecules & Polymers
Carboxylic Acids & Its Derivatives

Topic-Wise Distribution in JEE Main 2024

The below information will help JEE aspirants to understand which topic is important. The list below is formulated based on the appearance of the questions from these topics in previous years’ JEE Main paper.

Read the Full Article: JEE Main Weightage Chapter Wise 2024

Topic-wise weightage in JEE Main: Physics

Chapters Total Questions Weightage
Percentage Marks
Modern Physics 5 16.50% 20
Optics 3 9.90% 12
Heat and Thermodynamics 3 9.90% 12
Electrostatics 3 9.90% 12
Current Electricity 3 9.90% 12
Magnetics  2 6.60% 8
Simple Harmonic Motion 1 3.30% 4
Waves 1 3.30% 4
Laws of Motion 1 3.30% 4
Rotational 1 3.30% 4
Work, Energy, and Power 1 3.30% 4
Centre Of Mass, Impluse and Momentum 1 3.30% 4
Electromagnetics Induction 1 3.30% 4
Unit, Dimension, and Vector 1 3.30% 4
Kinematics 1 3.30% 4
Gravitation 1 3.30% 4
Solids and Fluids 1 3.30% 4


Topic-wise weightage in JEE Main: Chemistry

Chapters Total Questions Weightage
Percentage Marks
Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry 3 9.90% 12
The periodic table and Representative Elements 3 9.90% 12
Atomic Structure 2 6.60% 8
Chemical Bonding 2 6.60% 8
Nuclear Chemistry And Environment 2 6.60% 8
Solid-State And Surface Chemistry 2 6.60% 8
Chemical And Ionic Equilibrium 2 6.60% 8
Thermodynamics And Gaseous State 2 6.60% 8
Electrochemistry 1 3.30% 4
Redox Reaction 1 3.30% 4
Carboxylic Acid and their Derivatives 1 3.30% 4
Chemical Kinetics 1 3.30% 4
Carbohydrate, Amino Acid and Polymers 1 3.30% 4
General Organic Chemistry 1 3.30% 4
Alkyl Halides 1 3.30% 4
Hydrocarbon 1 3.30% 4
Mole Concept 1 3.30% 4
Aromatic Compound 1 3.30% 4
Stereochemistry 1 3.30% 4
Solution and Colligative Properties 1 3.30% 4

Topic-wise weightage in JEE Main: Maths

Chapters Total Questions Weightage
Percentage Marks
Integral Calculus 3 9.90% 12
Limits, Continuity and Differentiability 3 9.90% 12
Coordinate Geometry 3 9.90% 12
Vector Algebra 2 6.60% 8
Complex numbers and Quadratic Equation 2 6.60% 8
Statistics and Probability 2 6.60% 8
Matrices and Determinants 2 6.60% 8
Three Dimensional Geometry 2 6.60% 8
Mathematical Reasoning 1 3.30% 4
Binomial Theorem and Its Application 1 3.30% 4
Statics and Dynamics 1 3.30% 4
Sequence and Series 1 3.30% 4
Permutation and Combinations 1 3.30% 4
Sets, Relation and Function 1 3.30% 4
Differential Calculus 1 3.30% 4
Differential Equation 1 3.30% 4
Trigonometry 1 3.30% 4

FAQs JEE Main 2024 Important Topics and Chapters

Q1. Which chapters can I skip for JEE Main 2024?

Ans. In exams like JEE Main, one should try to cover the whole syllabus and should not skip any topic. It is important to study all topics well.

Q2. Is NCERT enough for JEE Main 2024?

Ans. The bottom line is that NCERT books are among the best books for JEE Main 2024, but they are not enough as they don’t include revision of complex JEE questions. With NCERT books, you can build your foundation of the basic knowledge required for tackling advanced-level problems in JEE.

Q3. Is HC Verma better or DC Pandey?

Ans. Both books are primarily used for JEE preparation. So the question implies which book is better to crack JEE. HC Verma is more of a conceptual book while DC Pandey is more problem-oriented.

Q4. Can I cheat in JEE Main 2024?

Ans. No, you cannot cheat in JEE Mains. Moreover, JEE Mains will be conducted in online or computer-based mode, which makes use of secured IT software that prevents the leaking of question papers.

Q5. Is the class 11 syllabus important for JEE Main 2024?

Ans. The class 11 syllabus serves as a solid base in JEE Main and the class 12 syllabus helps you in cracking the JEE Main. Both classes are important and you need to prepare well for your JEE Main exam 2024.

Q6. Which is the most scoring subject in JEE Main 2024?

Ans. Chemistry is the most scoring subject with the average score being more than 35 marks; Mathematics on the other hand is the most difficult to score off averaging a little over 25.

Q7. How many hours do IIT toppers study?

Ans. Most experts recommend that students study for at least six hours a day or 42 hours a week or so (excluding the time they spend in coaching classes) to prepare adequately for the JEE.

Q8. Can an average student crack IIT?

Ans. Yes, an average student can absolutely crack IIT JEE provided he/she is ready to work hard with consistency. There have been many average students who cleared JEE with a good rank.

Q9. Is stoichiometry important for JEE Main 2024?

Ans. Yes, it is for sure!! Stoichiometry may even cover a major part of physical chemistry in the main paper.

Q10. Is RD Sharma enough for JEE Main 2024?

Ans. RD Sharma is recommendable if you want to start your preparation. The book comprises a lot of formula-based questions and some analytical problems. It is a preferable book to prepare for Mathematics.

Q11. Is trigonometry important for JEE Main 2024?

Ans. Yes, trigonometry is important for JEE Mains and Advanced. The tricks to transform trigonometric equations will also help in Calculus.




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