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List of the Best Top 10 IIT JEE, NEET Coaching Institutes in Patna

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List of the Best Top 10 IIT JEE, NEET Coaching Institutes in Patna

List of the Best Top 10 IIT JEE, NEET Coaching Institutes in Patna

Embark on a transformative journey, poised to elevate your career to new heights, all under the expert guidance of the finest JEE and NEET coaching in Patna! These best IIT coaching in Patna have meticulously curated a comprehensive list of outstanding IIT coaching in Patna, each with a well-established track record of nurturing the talents of aspirants, propelling them towards success and shaping them into skilled engineers who have made a lasting impact on the nation through the help of these NEET coaching in Patna.

Patna stands as a beacon for IIT-JEE and NEET aspirants, offering a myriad of exceptional best NEET coaching in Patna that cater to diverse needs. Beyond the impressive pool of experienced educators, these institutes go above and beyond by providing unwavering support, expert guidance, and a wealth of comprehensive study materials through the best NEET and  IIT coaching in Patna. It’s a commitment to ensuring that you have all the necessary tools at your disposal to not just (just in case definition) perform but excel in your pursuits.

In the vibrant landscape of the best IIT coaching in Patna and the best NEET coaching in Patna scene, join the league of success stories by handpicking the best coaching that aligns seamlessly with your ambitions. Let it be the guiding force propelling you towards triumph on your career path, creating a narrative of success uniquely tailored to your journey!

Top 10 coaching institutes in Patna for IIT and NEET

1. Motion Education Patna | Best IIT JEE, NEET Coaching in Patna

Motion Patna is a well-known place for JEE & NEET coaching in Patna, Bihar. Their educational journey began in 2007, focusing on helping students preparing for JEE exams. Over time, they expanded to cover NEET and other Olympiad preparations, making Motion Patna a one-stop solution. The institute stays true to its commitment by offering a mix of both traditional classroom and online learning, complemented by the Motion Learning App.

Since the beginning, Motion NEET coaching in Patna has consistently secured top ranks, consistently placing in the top 50 each year. This stellar performance has firmly established Motion Patna as the unbeatable best coaching in Patna for JEE and NEET preparations. Going beyond just academics, this NEET coaching in Patna provides students with strong support of the Motion Learning App., covering both educational and non-academic aspects through dedicated faculty and staff.

In the pursuit of educational excellence, Motion NEET coaching in Patna has been organized into four divisions, catering to JEE, NEET, and Foundation Courses. These divisions include Day-Boarding, School Integrated, and Evening Programs, each designed to meet the diverse needs of aspiring students. Motion Patna stands as a guiding light for academic success, leading students on their journey to excel in the competitive landscape of JEE and NEET examinations.

Courses Offered: IIT-JEE (Main + Advanced) & NEET

  • Websitehttps://patna.motion.ac.in/
  • Address: 4-B, Opposite Bikaner Sweets, Shri Krishna Puri, Sahdev Mahto Marg, Boring Road, Patna, Pin Code – 800001
  • Email: studycenter_patna@motion.ac.in
  • Contact Number: 9031017641, 9031017642, 9031017643, 9031017644, 9031017645
  • Motion Best Coaching for IIT in Patna
  • Motion Best coaching for JEE in Patna

2. Mentors Eduserv Patna

Mentors Eduserv Patna stands out as the premier best IIT coaching in Patna, specializing in comprehensive preparation for IIT JEE, Medical, and Engineering examinations. Our team of expert faculty members is dedicated to delivering top-notch coaching classes specifically tailored for JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, NEET, and AIIMS entrance exams.

Our commitment to nurturing talent extends to foundation courses designed for students transitioning from class 7 to class 8, providing them with a strong footing for the initial stages of preparation. These foundation courses are strategically crafted to build a solid groundwork for success in the challenging domains of JEE (MAIN & ADVANCED), NEET, and AIIMS Exams.

Mentors Eduserv has earned recognition as one of the premier Medical and best IIT coaching in Patna. Our holistic approach goes beyond traditional coaching, focusing on fostering a deep understanding of the subjects and honing problem-solving skills. Through a blend of interactive teaching methodologies and personalized attention, we aim to empower students to excel in their chosen examinations.

Our institute prides itself on creating an environment that fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and a passion for learning. By providing a conducive atmosphere for intellectual growth, Mentors Eduserv remains committed to guiding students towards academic excellence and success in their pursuit of IIT JEE, Medical, and Engineering aspirations. Join us on this educational journey where excellence is not just a goal but a way of learning and thriving.

  • Address: Parus Lok Commercial Complex, Plot No: 136/137, 1st Floor, Boring Road Crossing, Near Quality Corner, Patna-800001
  • Landline Number: 0612-3223681 / 82
  • Email: info@mentorsedu.com
  • Website: http://mentorsedu.com/

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3. ELITE Institute Patna

ELITE Institute stands proudly as a leading educational powerhouse, steered by a team of highly qualified and dedicated educators. Fueled by an unwavering passion for excellence in education, ELITE Institute has been instrumental in shaping the dreams and careers of countless students since its inception. Renowned as one of the premier institutes for NEET coaching in Patna, ELITE Institute has consistently upheld a commitment to providing top-tier education and guidance and is indeed the best IIT coaching in Patna.

Founded on the principles of academic brilliance and a holistic approach to learning, ELITE Institute has become a trusted NEET coaching in Patna. This best IIT coaching in Patna’s impact extends beyond mere education; it acts as a catalyst for transformation, helping students realize their potential and achieve success in the highly competitive field of medical entrance exams.

ELITE Institute’s faculty comprises not only knowledgeable educators but also mentors who are dedicated to nurturing the intellectual and personal growth of each student. With a focus on comprehensive preparation, the institute employs state-of-the-art teaching methodologies and resources to ensure that students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the NEET examination.

The success stories emanating from ELITE Institute are a testament to its commitment to educational excellence. By fostering an environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and a passion for learning, ELITE Institute continues to be a beacon for students aspiring to pursue a career in medicine. Join the ranks of successful individuals who have found their path to excellence through ELITE Institute, where dreams find wings and aspirations take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) flight.

  • Address: 1st floor and 4rth floor, Jagdamba Tower, Sahdeo Mahto Marg, Boring Road, Patna-800001 (India)
  • Mobile Number: 06126530683 |06126440790
  • Email: eliteiitjeemed@gmail.com
  • Website: http://eliteiitjee.com/

4. Allen Career Institute Patna

The institute prides itself on maintaining an optimal learning environment, ensuring that the batch sizes are conducive to effective teaching. With a thoughtful approach, each batch accommodates a manageable number of students, capped at 40 per session. This deliberate decision aims to foster personalized attention and a conducive atmosphere for student engagement and understanding.

Allen Career Institute specializes in a range of highly sought-after courses, catering to the diverse aspirations of students. The flagship courses include JEE (Mains + Advance), IIT JEE, JEE Main AIEEE, and PRE Medical NEET (UG)/AIIMS. These comprehensive programs are designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields, be it engineering or medical entrances.

In addition to the acclaimed faculty and personalized learning environment, Allen Classes stands out for its commitment to providing a holistic educational experience. The institute not only focuses on academic excellence but also places a strong emphasis on character-building and overall personality development. Students at Allen Career Institute don’t just receive education, they embark on a journey that prepares them for success in both academics and life beyond.

  • Address: Allen Career Institute Pvt. Ltd., First Floor Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Bhawan, Dak Bunglow crossing road, Fraser Road, Patna – 800001
  • Mobile: 7291970049
  • Email: patna@allen.in
  • Website: https://www.allen.ac.in/patna/

5. Aakash Institute Patna

Aakash Institute Patna has carved a distinguished reputation for delivering exceptional educational insights across various competitive exam subjects and topics. Renowned as the top-ranked coaching institute for medical entrance exams in Patna, Aakash Institute prides itself on fostering a dynamic learning environment.

At Aakash Institute, educators don the roles of mentors, inspiring and guiding students toward the attainment of their loftiest academic goals. The institute emphasizes an optimal batch size, ensuring personalized attention to each student. For a more comprehensive understanding of the coaching dynamics, refer to the detailed table provided below.

Distinguished by its comprehensive approach, Aakash Institute caters to a spectrum of academic pursuits, specializing not only in medical entrance exams but also in engineering and foundation courses. The coaching center is meticulously designed to provide an enriching educational experience, fostering an environment conducive to success in the challenging domains of Medical and Engineering entrance examinations.

  • Address: 5th Floor, UMA Complex, Road4, Fraser Rd, Old Jakkanpur, Indira Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800001
  • Mobile Number: 08800013152
  • Landline Number: 06122332023
  • Email: aakashpatna@aesl.in
  • Website: https://centers.aakash.ac.in/location/bihar/patna

6. Goal Institute Patna

Goal Institute Patna Founded in 1997 by a dedicated group of professionals, including Medicos and IITians, Goal Institute in Patna has been a leading force in education. Specializing in targeted assessments for medical and engineering fields, the institute’s experienced educators design assessments to identify students’ innate potential for entrance exams, adopting a student-centered approach for tangible results.

Established over 24 years ago by Mr. Bipin Kumar Singh, Goal Institute Patna is one of the oldest coaching organizations in the region. Committed to academic excellence, the institute offers comprehensive programs for medical and technical degrees, including coaching for NEET, IIT JEE, and pre-foundation courses. With over 10 centers, Goal Institute Patna is a testament to its enduring legacy in education.

If you’re considering joining Goal Educational Services Pvt. Ltd., explore details like the institute’s fee structure, contact information, courses, and reviews for an informed decision. Goal Institute not only imparts knowledge but also lays a solid foundation, helping students navigate subjects with ease.

  • Address: Tilak Nagar Road, Opposite Rajendra Nagar Terminal, Near Sahaj Nursing Home, Munna Chowk, Patna
  • Mobile Number: 9608360780
  • Email: goalpatna@gmail.com
  • Website: http://www.goalinstitute.org/
  • Goal Institute Patna Fee Structure

7. Vidyapeeth Academy Patna

Vidyapeeth stands as the preeminent JEE and NEET coaching in Patna, dedicated to preparing students for the rigorous challenges of IIT JEE, Medical, and Engineering examinations. Renowned for its exceptional coaching classroom system, Vidyapeeth excels in guiding students through JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, NEET, and AIIMS entrance examinations, all facilitated by a team of expert faculty members.

Founded by Mr. M.K. Singh, an esteemed IIT Mumbai Alumnus, Vidyapeeth Academy epitomizes the pinnacle of quality legal education, where the essence of a superior culture permeates every facet of the institution. The best IIT coaching in Patna has a commitment that is reflected in its emphasis on transformation, prioritizing learning over teaching, and nurturing the holistic development of students in sync with the demands of the competitive world.

At Vidyapeeth Academy, the journey is more than just academic; it’s a transformative experience designed to prepare students for success. The institution extends a warm invitation to students to embark on a unique learning journey that shapes their future in multi-dimensional ways. Here, the focus is on providing a top-notch education that goes beyond the textbooks, ensuring that students are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the ever-evolving educational landscape with confidence and competence. Join Vidyapeeth Academy for a distinctive and quality learning experience that gears you up for success in the competitive world.

  • Address: 216 & 217, 2nd Floor, Grand Plaza, Dak Bungalow, Fraser Rd, Patna, Bihar 800001
  • Mobile Number: 08448446676
  • Email: contact@vidyapeethacademy.com
  • Website: https://vidyapeethacademy.com/

8. PW Vidyapeeth (Physics Wallah Patna)

In 2014, Alakh Pandey, the visionary founder of Physics Wallah, embarked on a journey as a physics teacher through his YouTube channel. Initially focused on physics education, his success led to the gradual expansion of coaching services to include a spectrum of exams, such as JEE, NEET, and board exams for CBSE, State boards, and ICSE. Building on this success, Physics Wallah is now set to launch offline batches for NEET and JEE preparations in Patna, further extending its reach and impact in the realm of education.

Address: 4th floor, Rajeshwar complex, Kankarbagh Main Road, Rajendranagar, Bihar – 800020
Mobile: 9513350005
Website: https://www.pw.live/vidyapeeth-centres/patna-br

9. Resonance Institute Patna

Resonance Institute, a revered coaching center in Patna, stands as a testament to its enduring reputation and the unwavering support it has garnered from the aspirant community. Over the years, this institute has evolved into one of the oldest and most respected coaching institutes in the industry, earning a devoted following akin to a cult.

Renowned as the Best IIT JEE Coaching in Patna, Resonance is endorsed by its aspirant community for its exceptional learning quality and study materials. Those who have successfully cracked the IIT exam attribute their achievements to Resonance’s immensely supportive faculty team. The institute’s commitment to assisting students until the final moments before the exam instills confidence, enabling them to confront any examination with resilience.

Students at Resonance praise the institute’s study materials, acknowledging significant improvements in their academic skills. The carefully curated study materials and teaching methodologies have provided them with a deeper understanding of concepts, reinforcing their foundation and competence. As a result, Resonance Institute in Patna has become synonymous with being the Best IIT JEE Coaching Institute, where students not only learn but also develop the strength and knowledge needed to excel in their academic pursuits.

  • Address: Resonance Eduventures Ltd 1st & 2nd Floor, Above BATA Showroom, West of Rajendra Nagar Overbridge, Main Road, Kankar Bagh, Patna (Bihar) 800020
  • Mobile: 9304002215
  • Email: patna@resonance.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.resonance.ac.in/sc/patna.aspx

10. Vidyamandir Classes VMC Patna

Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) stands as a beacon of success in the realm of IITJEE preparations, having etched a remarkable legacy over the years. The institute has not just mastered but pioneered the delicate balance of art and science in teaching and mentoring students for the challenging entrance exams to the prestigious IITs, which hold a global reputation as a premier technology institution. VMC’s commitment to excellence is evident in its mission, which goes beyond mere education; it aims to instill knowledge and provide direction, creating an environment that propels students toward success while inspiring them to explore and realize their full potential.

Operated by a group of ex-IITians, Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) is more than an educational institution; it’s a journey facilitated by those who have walked the same path. The team’s rich experience and insights have guided thousands of IIT hopefuls over the years, steering them towards the realization of their dream to secure a coveted spot in one of the prestigious IITs. As a result, VMC emerges not just as a coaching center but as a trusted ally on the transformative journey of aspiring students. The institute’s track record is a testament to its unwavering dedication to shaping future leaders in the field of technology and innovation.

  • Address: 5th Floor, Grand Plaza, Dak Bungalow Chouraha Fraser Road, Patna, Bihar
  • Mobile: +919534349900
  • Email: aman.sharma@vidyamandir.com
  • Website: https://www.vidyamandir.com

11. Career Point Patna

Career Point stands as a prominent and trusted name among IIT-JEE coaching institutes in Patna. Renowned for its comprehensive facilities, the coaching institute offers a diverse range of resources, including recorded video lectures, classes tailored for school-integrated programs, coaching classes, and residential programs. These resources cater to the multifaceted needs of students preparing for various examinations, including NEET, JEE, Boards, and CA preparations.

In addition to the array of resources, Career Point in Patna emphasizes personalized learning with 1-to-1 tutoring, ensuring that students receive individualized attention and guidance. This commitment to tailored support sets Career Point apart, fostering an environment where students can thrive and excel in their academic pursuits. Whether it’s preparing for competitive exams or tackling board examinations, Career Point in Patna provides a holistic approach to education that goes beyond traditional coaching methods.

  • Address: Opposite Sai Lions Netralaya, E9, PC Colony Road Kankarbagh, Patna – 800020
  • Mobile: 7209776655
  • Email: cppatna@cpuniverse.in
  • Website: https://careerpoint.ac.in/center/patna

12. Bansal Classes Patna

Bansal Classes, a trailblazer in the realm of IIT-JEE coaching, has been a cornerstone in Patna since its establishment in 1983. With decades of experience and a commitment to advanced learning, Bansal Classes continues to uphold a legacy of outstanding performance in examinations. Presently, the institute extends its expertise beyond IIT-JEE, offering coaching classes for NEET and JEE primarily, while also providing a comprehensive platform for junior classes to enrich their knowledge and academic foundations. In Patna, Bansal Classes stands as a beacon of educational excellence, empowering students across various levels to achieve their academic aspirations through rigorous and effective coaching programs.

  • Address: H.B complex, Gola Road more Beside Gola Road petrol pump, Baily road, Gola Road(Patna) BIHAR – 801503
  • Mobile: 8544144787, 8544144687
  • Email: golaroad.patna@bansal.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.bansal.ac.in/

13. Narayana IIT Academy Patna

Dedicated to students hailing from every corner of the nation, Narayana Academy is steadfast in its mission to uplift and empower its students, guiding them towards the pathway to success and the realization of their dreams. This esteemed institute offers a plethora of flagship features, setting it apart as a highly sought-after educational hub. Among these distinctive features are regular weekly and monthly tests, specialized doubt-clearing classes, impactful guest seminars aimed at boosting students’ confidence, and around-the-clock support from dedicated faculty members, among various others.

Narayana Academy stands out for its comprehensive suite of features and benefits that have consistently proven beneficial for young minds. The institute has played a pivotal role in assisting thousands of aspirants in achieving success and turning their dreams into reality. As the premier IIT JEE Coaching Institute in Patna, Narayana Academy is committed to fostering an environment where students not only receive top-notch education but also benefit from a range of support systems that cater to their unique needs and aspirations. Join the ranks of successful aspirants and embark on a transformative educational journey with Narayana Academy.

14. Super30 Patna

Super 30 is a renowned coaching initiative founded by mathematician and educator Anand Kumar in Patna, Bihar, with the primary aim of providing free coaching to economically disadvantaged students for competitive exams like JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). Established in 2002, the program selects 30 talented students each year from underprivileged backgrounds through a rigorous screening process. Anand Kumar, the founder, and his team of dedicated educators personally mentor and coach these students to prepare them for the challenging entrance exams. The success of Super 30 has been remarkable, with a significant number of students from the program achieving admission to prestigious engineering and medical institutions in India. The coaching focuses on holistic development, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also instilling a strong sense of self-confidence and determination in the students. Super 30 has garnered national and international recognition for its impactful contribution to breaking socio-economic barriers and empowering deserving students to pursue their dreams in the field of engineering and medicine.

15. Toppers Academy Patna

Renowned for its exceptional coaching in IIT JEE, Toppers Academy goes beyond and extends its expertise to other critical programs such as AIIMS and NEET. This comprehensive academy strategically caters to three distinct programs, each tailored to address specific academic needs and goals. The Foundation Program is designed to seamlessly integrate class XII studies with optimal preparation for competitive exams. The Target Program focuses on preparing students for medical entrance examinations, including the challenging NEET. Additionally, Toppers Academy offers a Pre-Foundation Program, catering to a broad spectrum of competitive and scholarship examinations. The Medico 50 initiative serves as a dedicated platform for honing skills and knowledge required for various competitive and scholarship exams.

Situated in the vibrant city of Patna, Toppers Academy has earned a prestigious position as the second-best coaching institute for medical entrance exams in the region. The academy’s success is attributed to its multifaceted approach, encompassing a spectrum of programs to cater to diverse academic aspirations. With a commitment to academic excellence, Toppers Academy stands as a beacon of quality coaching, providing students with the necessary tools and guidance to excel in their chosen competitive exams.

  • Phone: +91 7827048964
  • Website: Toppersacademy.app

FAQs: List of the Best IIT JEE, NEET Coaching Institutes in Patna

Q1: What are the best NEET coaching institutes in Patna?

A: Some of the best NEET coaching institutes in Patna include Motion Education, Mentors Eduserv, ELITE Institute, Aakash Institute, Allen Career Institute, Resonance, and more. These institutes are renowned for their experienced faculty, comprehensive study materials, regular mock tests, and proven track record of producing successful NEET candidates.

Q2: Is Motion Education a good option for NEET coaching in Patna?

A: Motion Education is considered a good option for NEET coaching in Patna due to its experienced faculty, comprehensive study materials, and track record of helping students succeed in the NEET exam.

Q3: How can I find the best coaching for NEET in Patna?

A: To find the best coaching for NEET in Patna, consider factors such as faculty expertise, study materials, past performance, student reviews, and infrastructure. Institutes like Motion Education, Aakash Institute, and Allen Career Institute often meet these criteria.

Q4: What are the top NEET coaching institutes in Patna?

A: Some of the top NEET coaching institutes in Patna include Motion Education, Mentors Eduserv, ELITE Institute, Aakash Institute, Allen Career Institute, Resonance, and more. These institutes have a track record of producing successful NEET candidates.

Q5: Which is the best institute for IIT in Patna?

A: The best JEE coaching institutes in Patna like Motion Education, Mentors Eduserv, ELITE Institute, Aakash Institute, Allen Career Institute, and Resonance are famous for their great teachers and helpful materials. They’re also good options for IIT coaching.

Q6: What are the top coaching institutes in Patna for IIT preparation?

A: Top coaching institutes in Patna for IIT preparation are Motion Education, Mentors Eduserv, ELITE Institute, Aakash Institute, Allen Career Institute, and more.

Q7: Why is Motion Education considered one of the best institutes for IIT coaching in Patna?

A: Motion Education is considered one of the best IIT coaching institutes in Patna because of its excellent teaching, innovative methods, and proven success.

Q8: Are there any specific tips for choosing the best IIT JEE coaching in Patna?

A: Consider the teachers’ experience, study materials, past results, facilities, location, and cost when picking the best IIT JEE coaching in Patna.

Q9: Why is Motion Education the best choice for IIT JEE coaching in Patna?

A: Motion Education stands out for IIT JEE coaching in Patna due to its experienced teachers, useful study materials, and track record of student success in the exam.

Q10: How good are the IIT JEE Coaching in Patna?

A: The quality of IIT JEE coaching in Patna varies. It’s essential to research different institutes to find the most suitable one for you. Look into factors like faculty expertise and study materials to make an informed decision.





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