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Which Stream is Best After 10th Class: How to Choose the Right Career A Complete Guide to Help You Decide

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Which Stream is Best After 10th Class A Complete Guide to Help You Decide

Which Stream is Best After 10th Class: If you’re a student who has recently completed their Class 10 board exams or has just (just in case definition) been promoted to Class 10, you might be pondering questions like, ‘What is the ideal subject to pursue after the 10th grade?’ or ‘Which is the best stream after 10th?’ Such queries are quite common among Class 10 students, often causing them considerable stress as they contemplate their choices for post-10th education. Nevertheless, the answers to these questions can be found within your own thoughts. Continue reading to explore the options for which stream to select after 10th class and gain insights on how to make this important decision.

Know which stream to choose after 10th class by NV Sir

Exploring Options for Best Streams after 10th

Which Stream to Choose After 10th Class for the Best Career Options? Before delving into the question of which stream to select after 10th class, it’s essential to understand the available choices. Let’s begin by examining the various streams that are open to students after Class 10.

Streams in Science After 10th:

The Science stream, encompassing subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, stands as a popular choice among Class 10 students. Aspiring doctors, engineers, scientists, researchers, and those interested in medicine often opt for this stream.

Streams in Commerce After 10th:

The Commerce stream is tailored for students who excel in numerical subjects and wish to pursue careers in finance, accounting, or business management. This stream includes subjects like Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, and Mathematics, leading to options such as Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretaryship, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Business Administration.

Streams in Arts After 10th:

Students with a passion for literature, humanities, or creative domains like music, dance, or theater frequently opt for Arts as the best stream after 10th. This stream comprises subjects such as History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology, offering pathways to careers in Journalism, Mass Communication, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work, and more.

Watch the video of NV Sir explaining the importance of choosing the right career path. To assist you in how to choose a stream after 10th class, Motion Education has designed a test (Motion Subject Selection Test) that will help you assess your career options. Please ensure that you provide accurate answers.

Assessing themselves can pose a real challenge for students, which is why the Motion Family has established its own set of criteria to guide them in making the optimal choice between JEE, NEET, or non-science paths. We firmly believe that four key parameters – Psychology, IQ, Behavior, and Memory – can serve as valuable self-assessment tools. To assist you in making an informed decision, we encourage you to take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) the self-assessment test accessible via the provided link.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that renowned educator and mentor, NV sir, has contributed significantly to the development of these assessment criteria. His extensive experience in the field of competitive examinations has been instrumental in shaping this self-assessment tool. You’ll have 40 seconds to select one answer from the available options. Following the test, our team, including insights from NV sir, will send you an evaluation sheet via WhatsApp, which will help you determine the most suitable field for your future endeavors.

Motion Subject Selection Test

Guiding students on how to choose stream after 10th class, the Motion Subject Selection Test aims to empower students by enabling them to assess their behavior and IQ, facilitating the early identification of the most suitable career path following their 10th-grade studies. This test’s primary objective is to foster clarity of thought within students, guiding them toward recognizing their inherent strengths in specific subjects. Armed with this self-awareness, students can confidently choose their preferred career path, be it pursuing JEE, NEET, or exploring non-science options.

Test Details: Motion Subject Selection Test

Below are the details of the Motion subject selection test:

Test Pattern:

The assessment will consist of a set of objective-type questions, designed to gauge the student’s knowledge and aptitude effectively.

No Registration Fee:

One of the standout features of this assessment is that there is no registration fee required to participate. We are committed to ensuring accessibility to all students who wish to take the test.

Number of Questions:

In total, the test will encompass ten thoughtfully crafted questions. These questions are strategically selected to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s capabilities.


The test is open to students in both Class 9th and 10th, allowing a broad spectrum of students to participate and benefit from this valuable assessment. This inclusivity ensures that students at different stages of their academic journey can take advantage of the opportunity.

The Significance of Subject Selection

A Well-Informed Decision

Subject selection is the first significant step in your academic life. It sets the foundation for your career and personal growth. At Motion, we believe in empowering our students with the knowledge and understanding necessary to make well-informed decisions.

Tailored Learning Experience

Our approach to subject selection is all about providing a tailored learning experience. We understand that every student is unique, with different strengths, passions, and aspirations. Our expert advisors work closely with you to identify your academic interests and help you with the process of how to choose stream after 10th class that aligns with your goals.

Comprehensive Subject Options

 Arts and Humanities

At Motion, we offer a diverse range of subjects in the arts and humanities. From literature and history to philosophy and fine arts, our curriculum is designed to nurture creativity and critical thinking. We believe that a strong foundation in the arts and humanities equips students with the skills to excel in various professions.

Science and Technology

For those with a passion for innovation and discovery, our science and technology programs are second to none. We provide state-of-the-art labs, cutting-edge research opportunities, and a dynamic learning environment to foster the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Business and Management

Our business and management courses are designed to prepare future leaders and entrepreneurs. With a focus on practical knowledge, leadership skills, and global business insights, Motion ensures that our graduates are well-equipped to thrive in the corporate world.

Medicine and Healthcare

If your dream is to make a difference in the field of healthcare, our medical programs are the perfect choice. We offer comprehensive medical education with hands-on training, advanced technology, and world-class faculty to guide you in your journey toward becoming a healthcare professional.

Why Motion Stands Out?

Experienced Faculty

Our dedicated faculty members are experts in their respective fields, and they are committed to providing the highest quality education. They not only teach but also mentor and guide students, ensuring their academic success.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Motion boasts modern facilities, well-equipped libraries, research centers, and advanced laboratories to facilitate a conducive learning environment. We believe that access to the best resources is key to your academic growth.

Career Opportunities

At Motion, we go the extra mile to provide our students with ample career opportunities. We have strong industry connections and a robust placement cell, ensuring that our graduates step into the professional world with confidence.

Choosing the Best Stream after 10th Grade

Selecting the appropriate stream after completing Class 10 is a pivotal decision, but it need not be daunting. Here are some tips on how to Choose Stream After 10th class to help you make the best choice:

Understand Your Interests:

Your friends’ career aspirations should not dictate your own. Consider your strengths and interests as paramount factors in your decision on how to choose stream after 10th class. If you dream of becoming a doctor and find physics, chemistry, and biology captivating, then the Science stream is your path. Conversely, if you possess a creative flair or a business-oriented mindset, Arts or Commerce may be the best stream after 10th class. Ultimately, it’s about pursuing what you genuinely enjoy.

Recognize Your Strengths and Weaknesses:

Nobody knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you do. It’s crucial to self-assess before making a decision on which stream to choose after 10th class. Identify the subjects you excel in effortlessly and those you struggle with. Choose a stream that leverages your strengths and helps you overcome your weaknesses. For example, if you excel in English or aspire to be a creative writer, Arts may be your calling. If you possess strong accounting skills, Commerce could be the way to go. Opt for Science if you have a penchant for physics, chemistry, or biology.

Explore best career options after 10th

Each stream offers distinct career avenues. Science leads to diverse options in medicine and engineering, while Arts and Commerce open up different career paths. Research the best career options after 10th in each stream post-10th to determine which stream to select after 10th class. Choose a path that reflects your interests and aspirations.

Consult a Career Counselor for career options after 10th

If you’re still uncertain about the right career after 10th, seek guidance from a career counselor on how to choose stream after 10th class. These professionals can help you identify your interests, strengths, and weaknesses, and guide you in making an informed choice. They can also provide valuable insights into the job market and future prospects for each best stream after 10th.

Consider Your Budget:

When deciding on the best stream after 10th, it’s important to factor in your financial constraints. You may have the ability to excel in a particular stream, but your family’s budget might be a limiting factor. Open a dialogue with your parents to discuss finances and plan ahead to ensure a seamless pursuit of your chosen stream.

Choosing the best stream after Class 10th is a significant step in shaping your future. By considering your interests, strengths, career goals, and financial situation, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your aspirations and sets you on a fulfilling path.

Know Available Best Streams After 10th

In the CBSE curriculum, students have the flexibility to select a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 subjects. Typically, these selections include 4 to 5 core subjects, with the opportunity for students to opt for an additional elective subject. Now, let’s explore the range of subjects available across various streams.

Medical Stream Physics





Engineering Physics





General Science Physics






Arts (Humanities) History

Political Science




Commerce Accountancy

Business Studies



The elective subject could encompass a variety of options, including informatics practice, computer science, and more. Students pursuing Arts have the choice to delve into subjects like psychology, geography, sociology, and, in some instances, even explore subjects like painting, physical education, and healthcare. On the other hand, Commerce students can opt for optional subjects such as banking, insurance, or entrepreneurship.

Career Opportunities After 10th

An additional factor to take into account is the array of career prospects associated with each stream. Understanding the available career opportunities after 10th can guide you in charting your course forward. In a dynamically evolving world, new opportunities continually emerge while some traditional careers wane. Therefore, making astute subject choices is paramount, as they will significantly influence your eventual degree selection. This degree, in turn, will play a pivotal role in shaping your future career.

Here are several career options after 10th to explore within each stream, helping you to decide which stream to choose after 10th class.

Science (Computer Science) Data Analyst

Cyber Security

Product/Industrial Design


Game Design/Developer

Technical Writer/Content Writer

Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) Medicine

Dental Surgery




Science (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) Engineering/Manufacturing

Environmental Science


Merchant Navy/Aviation

Software Development


Commerce Chartered Accountancy

Financial Consulting/Planning



Private Equity/Venture Capital

Bank PO/Investment Banking


Arts Civil Services


Clinical/Counselling/Sports Psychology


Hospitality/Event Management

International Relations/Language Translator

Interior/Fashion/Jewellery Design

Digital Marketing/Sales/Marketing

Commercial Artist

Content Writer/Author/Editor

These represent some of the noteworthy career opportunities after 10th presently accessible. Importantly, these career options after 10th are often flexible and can overlap. For instance, a student initially enrolled in the PCMB stream can transition into the field of engineering, while someone who started with PCB subjects can pivot toward the arts stream. As a result, the subjects and career options after 10th are adaptable, underscoring the importance of having a profound comprehension of both to make an informed choice.

Factors to Exclude from Your Decision-Making for Career Option After 10th  

So far, we’ve discussed the key considerations when selecting your subjects for the best career options after 10th. Now, let’s turn our attention to aspects that should not influence your choice of which stream to choose after 10th class.

Avoid Parental or Societal Pressure: Your educational path should not be swayed by the expectations or pressures of your parents or society. Succumbing to external influences can hinder your personal growth and potentially lead to a negative impact on your academic journey.

Don’t Prioritize Fame and Wealth: While the allure of fame and monetary rewards can be tempting, it’s essential to prioritize your personal interests and passion over financial gains. True fulfillment often comes from pursuing what you love. By dedicating yourself to your chosen field of interest, success, recognition, and financial stability will naturally follow.

Steer Clear of Illusions: Avoid having overly romanticized or unrealistic notions about your future career after 10th. In reality, your career after 10th is not always a Hollywood-like portrayal. As emphasized earlier, gaining practical experience through internships is crucial in understanding the real nature of work. This experience can be pivotal in determining which stream to choose after 10th class and the subjects that will support your goals.

Choosing the 5th Subject:

In the CBSE curriculum, students are required to select a minimum of 5 subjects for their Class 11 and 12 exams. The primary and optional subject details are provided in the first table. When deciding on your 5th optional subject, careful consideration is crucial. It should align with your aspirations and be a subject that you can excel in with relative ease, reducing stress during examination periods. For students preparing for exams like NEET, it’s important to ensure that the optional subject does not overly burden your NEET preparations. In addition to the difficulty level, select an optional subject that enhances your skill set.

Is the 6th Subject Necessary?

In Classes 11 and 12, having a 6th subject is not compulsory. If possible, it’s advisable to refrain from adding extra subjects. The inclusion of additional subjects can often lead to increased stress and may negatively impact your overall academic performance. Any additional burden that results in lower scores could potentially hinder your future ambitions.

The ‘IKIGAI’ Principle – A Blueprint for a Fulfilling Life:

Consider the Japanese concept of ‘IKIGAI’ as a guiding framework when making choices about your stream after Class 10 and your career:

Do What You Love: Choose a path that aligns with your true passions and interests.

Do What You Excel At: Pursue something at which you have a natural aptitude and can excel.

Do What Can Be Monetized: Seek a path that offers potential financial rewards and sustainability.

Do What the World Needs: Contribute to areas or industries that address societal needs and challenges.

In essence, focus on a pursuit that combines your passion and expertise, while also offering financial stability and addressing societal needs. Strive for a career after 10th  that evokes excitement, comfort, and personal fulfillment.

FAQs: How to Choose Subject After 10th

Q1. Which stream to select after 10th class is ideal to become an IAS?

Ans. Aspiring IAS officers should note that there is no specific stream selection after 10th for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Examination, and candidates from any academic background can participate. However, candidates with a strong foundation in the social sciences, encompassing subjects like economics, history, geography, and political science, may find themselves better equipped for success in the examination.

Q2. Which stream to select after 10th class for a Career in Law?

Ans. To embark on a career after 10th in law and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) after Class 12, you can select any stream during your 10th grade as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for LLB admission. However, opting for the Arts stream can be advantageous, as it often includes coursework in social sciences like economics, history, and political science, which can be beneficial in a legal career.

Q3. Which stream to select after class 10th is ideal for NDA?

Ans. Students aspiring to join the National Defence Academy (NDA) should ideally choose the PCM stream after 10th CBSE (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) after 10th. Even if you don’t opt for the non-medical stream, mathematics remains a compulsory subject. Pursuing the non-medical stream makes you eligible for all branches of the NDA, including the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. However, candidates without physics and mathematics will be eligible for the Indian Army branch only.

Q4. Deciding on the right courses after class 10th: Science, Commerce, or Arts?

Ans. When it comes to choosing academic streams after 10th cbse – be it Science, Commerce, or Arts – students should primarily base their decision on their personal interests and passions. Those with a strong affinity for technology and the sciences might naturally gravitate towards Science, while individuals with a knack for financial matters may opt for Commerce. Similarly, students intrigued by subjects like history, international relations, and politics can explore their academic interests through the Humanities stream.

Q5. What Constitutes the Most Accessible stream selection after 10th class?

Ans. Of all the streams, Arts is often regarded as the most accessible, though it’s important to note that the ease or difficulty of any stream largely depends on a student’s interests and their creative, logical, and analytical skills.

Q6. Which Stream to Select After 10th Class is Optimal for Engineering?

Ans. For those aspiring to pursue a career in engineering, the path typically leads through Science, with a specific focus on PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) as essential subjects.”

Q7. Which Stream is the Most Suitable After Class 10th for You?

Ans. The ease of any stream largely depends on your personal interests. If you have a passion for business or trading, Commerce may be the best fit for you. Those inclined towards science and technology often find Science to be their clear choice. For those with a zest for exploring their creative side, Humanities/Arts can be a fulfilling option.

Q8. Which Stream is the Most Challenging After Class 10th?

Ans. The key is to make a choice that aligns with your interests. Neglecting your passions and failing to recognize your strengths can make any stream challenging. For example, if you have a deep interest in fashion design but opt for Commerce without any enthusiasm, it can pose difficulties. Selecting a stream that resonates with your genuine interests can make the journey smoother.

Q9. Comparing Science and Commerce: Which is Easier?

Ans. The choice between Science and Commerce depends on your aspirations. Science is ideal for students with a love (fall in love meaning and origin) for innovation, building, and medical fields. In contrast, Commerce is tailored for those aspiring to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit, with a focus on business management and marketing.

Q10. Which Stream Offers Better Career Prospects for the Future?

Ans. Each stream offers vast opportunities; the key is to identify what suits you best. If you have a deep passion for medical-related fields, numerous avenues in medicine, dentistry, or nutrition can be explored. Likewise, if you are passionate about design, vocational streams offer paths in fashion design, jewelry design, interior designing, and more. Recognize your talents, and each stream holds tremendous potential for your future.

Q11. Which Stream to choose after class 10th is Best for Pursuing Higher Education Abroad?

Ans. Whether you intend to explore fine arts in foreign lands or seek opportunities in international business, science, or engineering fields, your stream after 10th choice can vary. Humanities for art, Commerce for international business, and Science for engineering or robotics can open doors to diverse higher education options abroad.

Q12. Which Stream to Choose after 10th Class is Suitable for a Career in Law After 10th?

Ans. If your ambition is to pursue a career after 10th in law after the 10th grade, selecting Humanities is the recommended path. Given that many LLB subjects are theoretical and involve a foundational knowledge of social sciences, Humanities can provide the best preparation.



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