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Changes Educational Games Can Bring in a Student

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Changes Educational Games Can Bring in a Student

Games are fun, irrespective of age group, everyone enjoys spending time (race against time phrase meaning) chilling out and relaxing. But is it also possible to study and play simultaneously? If yes, are there any educational games for students? Moreover, being a parent of teens that too in the present competitive world is not at all an easy responsibility. Their child has to constantly bear the pressure of securing ranks in NEET or JEE exams and chasing after seats, which leads to mental stress at a young age. Therefore, there is a requirement to take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) mental health into consideration and to include educational games. But being a parent, you are skeptical that these gaming activities are going to affect the academic performance of your child. So, here are some factors that will help you understand the importance and benefits of edutainment.

Benefits of educational games for all age groups kid, including JEE/NEET aspirants

Have you ever tried Hocus, Sudoku, Lumosity or any other such educational games? If not, then definitely one preparing for NEET/JEE must give a hand. Here are the reasons why these games are beneficial for NEET and JEE aspirants.

Easy learning method

It becomes difficult for your child to learn the terminologies, cubes, tables, reactions, or any other concept. When these kids are educated while playing games, they not only get entertained but also take interest in their studies. The same is the case for NEET & JEE aspirants; these games will not just (just in case definition) help students to take brake but will also work as a brain teaser. Hence, educational games are the best way to attract students and take the initiative to learn something new.

Develops skills

You might not notice a few aspects like a child’s eye-hand coordination, managing skills, analytics, reasoning skills, etc. But if you meet a professional educator, they will tell you that when you include such games in the curriculum of a student, the growth of these skills is comparatively faster in comparison to the boring conventional teaching process.

Beneficial for notorious children

It is difficult to handle notorious students, especially in online batches. But an instructor can use their sly nature for learning by engaging these kids in educational games. These will encourage kids to enjoy with learning and hinder them from getting distracted by other things. Hope you all have watched Taare Zameen Par the child was suffering from Dyslexia, but when he was taught in a way where he was able to understand the various concepts, his improvement was remarkable. What if teachers start using unique methods of teaching as NV Sir did while explaining circular motion in the class? Don’t you think difficult concepts become easier in such cases for NEET and JEE candidates?

Improves memory capacity

The students are able to relate their academic studies with everyday life or with a memory, which helps them to understand the concept sooner and for a longer duration.


You might have seen many kids playing scrabble, atlas, and many other such games. But now, the trend has changed, and the introduction of online educational games has brought new dimensions to the field of education and learning. With the help of online learning games, students will remain updated with the trend and well prepared for the competitive exams.

Kindly go through the above-mentioned pointers thoroughly to understand the growth students experience through educational games. However, there are limitations to everything; therefore, as a parent, you should cross-check with the tutor whether their kids are on the right track or not. Also, it is a reasonable option to spend quality time with your little ones and simultaneously acknowledge them with the trends and latest updates.



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