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How To Prepare Simultaneously For Board And JEE Exams?

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How To Prepare Simultaneously For Board And JEE Exams

The students find it really difficult to prepare for 2 exams in one go. This situation is usually faced by the board exam students who are also under the pressure of performing well on their JEE papers. Both the board exam and the JEE paper hold supreme importance for students.  To be able to score well in both these exams simultaneously becomes difficult. The syllabus of the board exam on one hand and the pressure of scrutinizing the topics for the JEE make the student perplexed. The students have two options in such a scenario: Firstly, the aspirant should try to balance time (race against time phrase meaning) in a way that he or she is able to cover the preparation for board exams and JEE exams. The second option is taking a drop in order to do justice to both exams. The students can choose to appear for board exams in one year and then take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) a drop and dedicate one entire year to the preparation for JEE Exam.

The first option might sound scary but with dedication and perseverance, it is possible to achieve your goals. With proper strategy, the students can secure desired marks in both the board exam and the JEE exam.

If you are wondering how you would be able to manage both these exams together at one go then here are some tips that can help you prepare for the Board exam and JEE simultaneously:

Get familiar with the exam pattern

Various students don’t prioritize getting familiar with the exam pattern and this leads to improper strategy-making. As both boards and JEE exam hold supreme importance in the life of students it is essential to create the required adequate strategic preparation plan for boards and JEE.
The score of both these exams is important for the students hence the students are requested to be well versed with the exam pattern as it would help in making accurate strategies for scoring well in JEE and board exam. Also, there might be some aspects that would be similar for both exams, knowing the differences and the similarity in the exam pattern would help the students perform better.

Practice papers are indeed essential

Learning and grasping the topics of both exams is necessary but tracking the preparation level practicing from the previous years’ question papers or sample question papers is also essential. These papers are the replicas of the board exam and the JEE exam and hence they help in knowing the weak and the strong points of the aspirant. If you are willing to boost your score in this examination then you should practice as many previous years’ question papers and sample question papers as you can.

Set a time limit as you begin solving the practice papers this will help you in maintaining accuracy and finishing your exam on time on the day of your examination.

Keeping a track of your score

When you are practicing the previous years’ question paper or any sort of sample papers it is recommended to have track of your score by analyzing your performance. If you aren’t aware of your score while you are practicing these papers then they wouldn’t help you in any way. You need to be aware of your weak and your strong points so that you can improve the areas that might pull down your performance.

Comparing won’t help

Every student should know that their way of learning would differ from their friends or the other aspirants and comparing performance with others would not help in any way. It would only inculcate the seed of pressure, anxiety, and negativity. Just stay focused on your preparation and try to have an accurate strategy for preparation. You can check with your peers about their preparation strategies but it is not mandatory to follow the pattern of preparation others are opting. You are a different personality and your way to reaching your goal can be different hence you should not compare your performance/preparation.

Teachers are your savior

There are students who feel shy about asking for help from their faculties or teachers. Well, one should always know teachers are always there to assist the students in every way possible. If you are having any doubts or queries related to your strategies or your preparation for JEE or board exams then you should surely talk to your teachers about the same. No matter how difficult the scenario is your teachers would always love (fall in love meaning and origin) to help you. Facing a problem in solving a particular question or finding it difficult to understand the topic, all that you require to do is just (just in case definition) talk to your teacher about it and you would get your desired solution. Your teachers would help you understand where exactly you are lacking and hence you can improve your topic and your strategies accordingly.

Make a strategy to reach your goal

You need to have the right strategy that can lead you to the path of success once you are well acquainted with the exam pattern of both exams you should draft a study plan that can help you in balancing the preparation of both exams. There are three subjects in both the board exam and the JEE exam and you need to make sure that you are giving equal time to the preparation of these three subjects. With the right strategy plan, you will be able to accomplish your goals smoothly.

Keep revising

The syllabus of both these exam covers a lot of equations and formulas and it is not easy to channel all of them in your brain. What should be done so that the long list of formulas and equations gets printed in your brain? well, the easiest way out is revising repeatedly at proper intervals.

The syllabus is vast, and keeping everything intact in the brain is necessary to score well. Hence timely revision of all the concepts that are covered previously is essential. Keep studying the topics that you have covered already, by the end of the week, and definitely by the end of the month. Remember cramming is of no help.



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