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Social Media for Education: Ways to Use Social Media for Entrance Exam Preparation

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Social For Education Ways to Use Social Media for Entrance Exam Preparations

Are social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram time-consuming? Do you find these platforms distracting? Can students actually use Facebook or Instagram for their competitive exam preparation? Many such questions put parents and students’ in confusion about whether to use these platforms or not. Also, if students are active on any platform, how can they utilize it for cracking entrance exams like JEE (Main+Advanced) exam, NEET exam, etc.

Ways students can use social media to turn things in their favour

Surfing the internet can bring fortune in life by enlightening students with various facts and information. These are things that students get to know or can do on the internet or social media platforms to effectively prepare for various examinations.

Set your priorities

When you log into various platforms, you must search for or like content related to your studies. This will help you find the content related to the exams you are preparing for. There are various channels on YouTube that upload videos related to the topics of your curriculum. Also, some general knowledge pages, science pages, or other subject pages are there on Facebook and Instagram that keep you updated on the latest happenings in the world. So, when you start searching for such things automatically, your further feeds will be filled with useful content.

Follow or Subscribe to the educational-oriented channels

You will find numerous distracting sources on the internet. But at the same time, one can find some social media channels that provide the best preparation advice to crack competitive exams. Aspirants should follow such pages. Also, you can find descriptive videos like animated, solution-based, or topic-wise uploaded on the educational channels. It is better to follow such curators’ pages so that you get information about what new information has been posted.

Notifications regarding the latest updates

Students sometimes lose track or forget to keep follow-up regarding the exam schedules. But through these social media platforms, they can extract useful information regarding the latest changes in any exam, exam dates, etc. Hence, it is the best way to gather authentic information.

Attend live classes and know about courses

There are many mediums on which institutions like Motion conduct Live sessions to educate, motivate and update students. Moreover, through these mediums, you can know career prospects, crash courses, exam papers, solutions, etc.

Ask your queries

Social media handles are one of the most useful aids for asking queries from the learned faculties who post the researched information. In addition, you get an extensive platform for open discussion, which can help in clearing up your queries.

Keeps you connected

Say, suppose there is a group of all your batch mates in school on WhatsApp or Facebook. Then it becomes easy for students to stay connected with their batch mates and mentors. Also, such groups will keep all the information in one specific group, which makes it easier for students to find details.

Hope, the above information will help you sort out what you should do on the internet and whatnot. Also, it is obvious that an excess of anything becomes dangerous. So, utilize it to develop your talent, but don’t overuse these platforms or electronic gadgets. These can impact your eyes. It is better if you fix the time (race against time phrase meaning) limit and don’t exceed it for a day.



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