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JEE Preparation: Common Mistakes Students should avoid while preparing for the IIT JEE Advanced

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Common Mistakes Students should avoid while preparing for the IIT JEE Advanced

Read and know if you are also making the same mistakes during JEE Advanced 2023 exam preparation.

It is quite challenging to compete with students having the same or higher IQ and reserve your seat in any IIT. 2,50,000 students topping in JEE Main 2023 will get a chance to apply for JEE Advanced 2023 exam. However, the competition doesn’t end here; students have to work hard to crack JEE advanced and get the desired branch in the IIT. But what shortcomings break students’ dreams and lead to their under-performance in the exam. Here you will find some common mistakes diagnosed by experts that students often make while preparing for the JEE exam.

Common Mistakes Students To Avoid While Preparing for JEE Advanced

To boost their performance in the JEE Advanced 2023, students have to analyze and work on their mistakes.

Not sticking with the syllabus

Usually, students make this mistake when they are either over-confident or ignorant. The former type of student tries to cover unnecessary topics which are not prescribed in the syllabus. The latter category doesn’t go through it properly and eventually misses out on topics that can be asked in the exam. Hence, the best choice will be to cover the JEE Main 2023 syllabus.

Prioritizing quantity over quality

Many students think that devoting less time (race against time phrase meaning) to topics and not properly understanding the topics will help them qualify for the JEE exam. But it is a misconception, and students must ensure to dedicate the required time to prepare any topic. This will not just (just in case definition) help in quality learning but also will increase the count of covered topics with accuracy.

Procrastinating with revision

If you are among those students who only revise at the last minute before the exam. Then stop doing that and start revising chapters on a regular basis. This not just lessens your burden at the last minute but will also help in making those topics strong.

Not preparing notes or referring to them

The most important thing where students miss out is improper or incomplete notes. Moreover, a few students don’t prepare notes for any single topic. One must never do this, instead should ensure that one prepares the notes for each topic, including important points, equations, derivations, chemical reactions, etc. The other habit students have is not going through self-prepared notes for revision. Always remember it is easy to understand simple language and self-drafted notes rather than rotting book language.

Ignoring NCERT and referring to many resources

You might not know, but examiners include questions that are direct from the concepts described in the NCERT books. You must remember that the NCERT book is your bible which will clear the basic concepts. Another mistake students make in terms of study material is that they opt for new study material and refer to numerous resources. There is no need to build a library in your home, it is better to first clear concepts from NCERT books and then practice as much as you can.

Skipping difficult topics

Leaving topics that you find difficult can cost you the opportunity of losing your seat in an IIT. Therefore, even if you find any topic difficult to understand, don’t leave it. Take help from your mentor, friends, family members, watch educational videos, etc., and try to understand the topic.

Having a compact and exhausting schedule

Seeing exam dates near, students get anxious and impatient. Due to the tension of completing courses, they over-exert themselves and end up avoiding their health. Your negligence towards your mental and physical health also leads to poor performance in the exam.

If you are repeating any of these mistakes, make sure to put an end to such habits. It will adversely impact your JEE Advanced 2023 result.

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